Protecting Your Pets During Termite Extermination in Suffolk County, NY

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Termites are an unfortunate fact for many homeowners in Suffolk County, NY. Preparing your family and your home for the unpleasant business of termite extermination in Suffolk County, NY may seem daunting, there are a lot of safety precautions and details to consider. One major element of termite extermination that pet owners need to remember is to prepare your furry friends when it comes time for pest control. If you’re worried about your four-legged, feathered or fishy pets when it comes time to rid your home of termites, read on, and we’ll share all of the essential steps you need to take to ensure their safety. 

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Alert Your Exterminator

The first step you should take is alerting your exterminator to the presence of animals in your home. Depending on the method of termite extermination they use, their presence in the home may not be a problem at all. If your pest control specialist uses an Advanced Termite Bait System in lieu of traditional chemicals and tenting, then you can rest assured that your pets will be safe. ATBS termite extermination uses baits that are securely locked, so pets (and humans) can’t get into them, providing a safer, eco-friendly pest control method. 


Talk to Your Vet

Another way to find out how to keep your pets safe during termite extermination is to talk to your vet. If you have an exotic pet, or a pet with special needs or health issues, it’s wise to ask your vet if the termite extermination system used in your home will cause a problem for them. Be sure to tell your vet exactly what kind of termite extermination method will be used, and they can guide you on specific steps to take to keep your pet safe. 


Keep Your Pets Contained

Like with all service calls, keeping your pets contained is another important way to help keep them protected. Coral kitties and pups into a specific room to ensure they don’t dart out the front or back door while your exterminator is going in or out. If you have other small pets that are allowed to roam free, be sure to have them returned to their cages before your pest control specialist stops by. Kennels or pet carriers are also recommended for containing your dogs or cats to ensure that they are totally secure and unable to escape. 


Relocate Your Pets

If you want to ensure the complete safety of your pets, then sending them on a vacation during pest control services is going to be your best bet. While the ATBS method of termite extermination is safe for your pets, sending them to a friend’s house or boarding them temporarily may be necessary. 


Evaluate the Exterior of Your Home

Do you keep a bowl of water for you pet outside? What about the areas in which they like to play? If your termite exterminator in Suffolk County, NY is using ATBS termite control, the baits will likely be installed around the perimeter of your home, and you may need to move anything they come in contact with. If you have a dog that likes to dig, talk to your pest control specialist about this as well to keep your pup from finding any baits that may be installed.

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