Termites Control and Extermination

Termites are a costly threat… but these pests are no match for Biotech’s treatment!

In nature, termites are beneficial because they break down decomposing wood to return nutrients to the soil. But they won’t do you any good in your home. Termites can cause serious and expensive structural damage. Termite colonies can number from several hundred thousand to the millions—and these critters are hungry. Since your home is likely your biggest investment, you want to do everything you can to protect it.

If you suspect you have termites, don’t delay. Call us for a thorough inspection!

Biotech Termite & Pest Control has been protecting homes from termite damage since 1991. We offer inspections, fast and lasting termite control using safe family-friendly methods, and we guarantee our work 100%!

Why Choose Biotech Termite and Pest to Handle Your Termite Problem?

There are many reasons to choose Biotech Termite and Pest for your termite control needs. First of all, we have the knowledge and expertise that you will not find in other termite companies. We are local pest control company in Queens, NYC, Staten Island, Bronx,  Brooklyn and NJ.

While some termite companies try to keep it “all under one roof”, which provides convenience for some customers. But difficult if they do not know exactly what type of termite issue you have or where they should look first. At Biotech Termite and Pest Control, our team has at least 30 years of experience diagnosing termite problems.

Protecting Your Property from Termite Infestations

As termite control and treatment experts, we know that termites can cause serious damage to your property. We implement the most effective termite control procedures to keep your home protected throughout the year. These are termite damage, termite inspection, termiticides, termite prevention, and termite treatments. Also, if you are currently trying to sell, a termite Infestation will hurt a potential sale or make a buyer walk away quickly.

Inspecting & Identifying Termites Properly

Your termite control and treatment company should always identify the type of termite you have correctly. This is a very important step in termite control because it is one key to knowing how to get rid of the termite properly.

There are two types of termite species that can cause damage around your home. If you do not know which kind has infested your home, then you can end up spending a lot more money on termite treatment than necessary.

Basic Indicators of Termite Infestation

Besides identifying the species of termite, we also have to look for signs of a termite infestation. Termite galleries or feeding tubes are most often the first indicators that you may have a problem with termite control and treatment.

We use termite inspection cameras to find all termite damage from termite control and treatment. This is the second key to proper termite treatment. A termite inspector who does not use a termite camera can miss infestations which results in a waste of money on a bad termite treatment plan.

Termite Control Options We Provide

At Biotech Termite and Pest Control, we have a variety of options for termite control. We always provide the best possible solution to keep your home protected from termite infestations. Our termite treatments are non-toxic and eco-friendly. These are better for you and your family.

Perimeter Soil Treatments

Termite control and treatment in NYC, NJ, Long Island, and CT starts with termite perimeter treatments. Termite control is simple. If the termites do not get into your home, then they cannot feed on wood or cause damage. Our termite control perimeter treatment is guaranteed for 10 years against termite infestation even if it rains.

Bait Stations

Termite baiting systems are also effective because no chemicals are involved in these treatments to keep you and your family safe. Termites take advantage of space. We use a bait system that fills up the areas where termites live with a non-toxic chemical. Eventually, these tiny creatures will have no more room for free movement.

Termite Inspections for Property Owners and Sellers

Termite control and treatment are very important for residential and commercial properties. These involve property owners, real estate agents, and potential buyers. Termite infestations can discourage buyers or result in a waste of money for the wrong termite treatment plan. Remember, most home inspections do not provide proper detection services to find termites. This leads many times to waste thousands of finances on bad treatments.

We are also happy to help commercial properties with pest control. Termite protection systems are essential components of any commercial building no matter what industry you are involved in. This is for a small business like a restaurant, hotel, or warehouse space. Our team has experience protecting your commercial property with lasting solutions that will keep it safe from termite infestation.

Termite Treatments

When it comes to termite treatments you can trust, call the professionals at Biotech Termite and Pest. We have thousands of satisfied customers in NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut. Our full-service pest control company is dedicated to providing quality termite treatment plans with ongoing protection for your premises against any type of infestation.

Eliminate Moisture Problems

Moisture problems also attract termites. So we use a drying process for all of our services. This way, you know of the absence of moisture or humidity issues that the termite treatment plan did not take care of.

Termite control and treatment in NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut must eliminate water issues along with termite damage. The control is simple when you work with us to get the job done right the first time.

Your home or business deserves a termite treatment that goes beyond just perimeter treatments. A termite inspection should always include termite baiting systems and ongoing monitoring of dry conditions to prevent any future problems from developing due to moisture penetration. Termite control and treatment in NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut starts with Biotech Termite and Pest.

Remove Food Sources

We also make sure that we remove food sources like rotting wood and other materials termites might feed on. This is one of the most important aspects of any termite treatment plan because triggering a new infestation could lead to bigger problems in the future.

Our Termite Treatment Methods

The improper treatment and control of termites are why New York and Connecticut find our termite treatment methods as the best. We use both non-toxic and eco-friendly chemical treatments that protect your premises for years.

We can also provide you with a termite inspection report to show how we found evidence of termite infestations in your property. This way you will know exactly what we encountered during the termite inspection.

Termites don’t stand a chance against the 24/7 performance of our Advanced Termite Bait System (ATBS)

Biotech’s Advanced Termite Bait System is superior to chemical treatments in several important ways.

Bait stations are only installed on the outside of the home, with no disruption to your landscape and no drilling into the home’s foundation (as is required with some chemical treatments).

The treatment is ecofriendly and safe for children and pets. The bait is securely locked, allowing only termites to access the bait.

ATBS ensures the elimination of the entire termite colony, unlike liquid chemical treatments that only address parts of the colony.

Local Termite Exterminators

We are local termite exterminators in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Long Island. Termite control and termite treatments are what we do. Call (866) 797-3528 today for termite control and termite treatments. Our termite treatment methods work every time.

Think you might have termites? Act quickly to get peace of mind with our effective treatments and our ironclad warranty!

Don’t risk severe and expensive damage to your home, which could jeopardize your family’s safety! If you suspect you may have termites, let Biotech inspect your property, and take care of your termite problem quickly and effectively. Rest assured that we will return at no cost to you and repeat the treatment if your home isn’t 100% termite-free for a period of one year.
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