4 Concerns Pet Owners May Have About Pest Control Services in NYC

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The responsibility of evicting insects, running out rodents, and keeping out critters falls on the NYC homeowner. At the same time, homeowners need to protect the furry friends they do want around—their pets. Here is how to balance these responsibilities, by relying on professional pest control services that will rid your home of problematic pests while ensuring the safety of your pets.

Will My Pet Get Poisoned?

Dogs are sometimes indiscriminate when it comes to what they eat and put in their mouths. It’s normal to worry if your pup will lick a corner of a newly treated bedroom or eat a recently treated bug. Luckily, pet owners have more options than ever when it comes to safely eliminating pests and keeping their animals as safe as possible. You can start by asking your exterminator about safe, non-repellent treatments for ridding bugs and rodents from your home while using the best pet-friendly solution. These methods are safer for your pets to be around and include industrial-strength steaming and the use of a Hepa vacuum.

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Is it Safe for My Pet if I Hire an Exterminator?

Ask if the exterminator uses environmentally friendly methods. Also, you want to specifically inquire about whether the exterminator uses non-repellent methods. In addition to inquiring about whether the company you want to hire prioritizes the safety of home pets, these methods can keep you rest assured that your pet won’t be at risk for inhaling, ingesting, or carrying pesticides to other areas of your home. Your pest control services company can also inform you when it will be safe for your animals to return to the treated area.

Will My Pet Get Hurt?

Traditional bait and trap methods are effective when it comes to pest control, but traps could also snap the snout or paw of a curious pup or kitty. One of the best pest control methods to keep your pets safe is prevention. A professional exterminator can identify and seal vulnerable areas of your home, even areas you may not realize need to be protected. By making sure your home or apartment is professionally sealed, insects and rodents won’t have easy access to your interior. If they can’t get in, they can’t infest! And that’s one safe bet for your furry friends, and for you.

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Where Will My Pet Go When My NYC Home Has Termites?

Termites are not just destructive; they are downright inconvenient. They can cause lasting damage to your home and its infrastructure and, with some pest control services, they can drive people out of their home for a time as treatment occurs. Ask your pest control specialist about the Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS) for a safer alternative for effectively treating your home for termites. These stations are installed on the outside of your home to bait and trap termites before they even enter. Not only is this method safer for your pets, but it is more effective too. Plus, you will get the added benefit of not needing to hire a pet sitter or kennel your pets because of a persistent pest problem—you will have stopped the problem from happening in the first place.