5 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe During Pest Control in Manhattan, NY

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When you find unwanted pests in your Manhattan, NY, home, your first thought is likely pest control and wanting to get rid of them as soon as possible. But then your thoughts will probably turn to the safety and protection of your beloved pets during treatment. If chemicals are used, they could be toxic to you four-legged friends. Here are five tips to consider as you strive to keep your pets safe during pest control treatment in your home.

Tell the Exterminator That You Have Pets

Letting the exterminator know you have pets in the first call can aid them as they assess your problem. Be specific about whether you have fish, dogs, cats, birds, or whatever animal you have. Tell them where your pets spend the most time and the primary feeding areas. You’ll want to be sure the exterminator knows about your pet if it’ll be home during treatment.

Plan to Contain Your Pets

If you can, take your pets to the home of a friend or relative, as this is the safest possible place for them during pest control treatment. If removing the pets is not an option, plan to keep them in an area that does not require treatment, like a garage or the backyard. Even placing them in a kennel or pet carrier can keep your pets contained safely.

Special Pet Considerations

Fish and reptile pets are difficult to move, so they need special consideration. Covering the tank or cage with a sheet or towels could keep them relaxed and unharmed. Birds can become quite agitated with the sounds and smells of pest control, so it’s often best to remove them to another location until the treatment is over.

Prepare Their Areas with Care

Remove all feeding bowls and food from the area where your pets normally eat and drink. Place these items in sealed containers and keep them stored in the garage or outdoors until all treatment is dry. Do the same with any toys or bedding that your pet uses in order to prevent any spray or chemical residue from lingering on their belongings. If you think a favorite blanket or toy might have been inadvertently sprayed, wash it in hot water and soap to clean.

You can also work with your pest control company to see whether non-repellant chemicals, which keep family and pets safe from effects, can be used.

If in Doubt, Call the Veterinarian

If you still feel uncertain of the best way to protect your pets during a home pest control treatment, call your veterinarian. The vet can advise a safe, calm method to care for your pet while you have the pests eliminated from your home. You can also check in with your exterminator about the safety of your pets and when it is safe from them to return.

Rest assured that a professional pest control technician wants to protect your beloved pets as much as you do and will take the necessary precautions to ensure no harm comes to them as they treat your Manhattan, NY, home. Trust them to provide effective, safe solutions to your pest problem.

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