How a Bed Bug Exterminator Gets Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Suffolk County, NY, Home

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Unfortunately, life sometimes brings us things we would rather not have. Bed bugs certainly fall into this category! They can come into your home in a number of ways—on luggage, purses, and backpacks, and from pre-owned furniture, to name just a few of their transportation devices. The question is how to free your space of these intrusive bugs quickly. Here is how a bed bug exterminator can get rid of bed bugs in your Suffolk County, NY, home.

How They Enter

It used to be that bed bugs were exclusively associated with crowded living conditions, but that assumption has proven to not be truthful. They can be found in luxury hotels and large apartment buildings, as well as individual homes. Because of increased travel in our society, bed bugs can be find spots in all sorts of places, from the luggage brought on public transportation to even shoes brought on an airplane.

They go undetected because of their size but they can quickly cause noticeable problems, even though they don’t transmit disease. Their tiny bites may lead to scratching and potential infections, especially in people with compromised immune systems.

Analyze the Situation

Pest control experts will come to your home and look for signs of bed bug evidence. They may ask if you have awakened in the morning with any itchy, red spots. You might smell an unfamiliar musty odor in your home, especially in the bedrooms. Tiny, little blood spots on the sheets, as well as rusty spots on the mattress itself, may also signal bed bugs. They may also leave tiny stains on the walls. Any miniscule whitish spots in the cracks of furniture, between cushions or behind fabric headboards can indicate their presence.

Recommendation for Removal

Based on the severity of infestation, a bed bug exterminator may recommend several different methods for removing the bed bugs. One extermination method involves increasing the temperature of the air in a room to almost 145 degrees, which causes instant death to the bugs. A second method for removal is insecticide treatments. Often, the exterminator will use a combination of insecticides to provide both fast-acting results and prevention for future infestations.

Another method involves using steam to kill the bed bugs. Used in combination with non-repellent chemicals, the steam will rid the home not only the bugs on the surface of a mattress or other furniture, but also the bugs that are as much as an inch deep into their hiding space.

Bed bugs can cause lack of sleep and stress for homeowners trying to figure out the way to remove them. The effects of bed bugs tend to be more mental than physical—even when they have been professionally removed, the feeling that they are still around can seem very real.

The process of an effective bed bug extermination begins with the inspection. You may be convinced that you have a bed bug problem but it may be something else entirely, or you may not realize how extensive the problem is. The most amazing detection method is bug sniffing dogs. These agile dogs are over 98% successful at sniffing out bed bugs in even the smallest crevices. A professional pest exterminator in Suffolk County, NY, can rid your home of bed bugs to provide the peace of mind that they are truly gone for good.