Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring a Termite Extermination Company in NYC

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If you are sharing your home with creepy crawlers and want them out—now and fast—you need a termite extermination company that will get you results. Be sure that the company you choose will solve your problem and not cause new ones. Avoid getting ripped off by a termite extermination company in NYC by filtering potential candidates with the following questions.

Does the company have a license?

Ask for a license issued by state or local agencies to make sure the company is truthful and reliable. The license issued needs to be current. If you are not sure whether the company is licensed to operate in your area, you might want to consider contacting the state pesticide agency to ask about certifications, re-certification, and training programs or a reliable city license, which shows that the company is reputable and responsible. Biotech Termite & Pest Control is licensed in New York and New Jersey with an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau.

How the company identify pests?

A common issue with some termite exterminators is that they don’t use appropriate methods or they lack the expert knowledge needed to identify the type of termite crawling around the house. Using a generalized approach to killing pests and termites won’t bring results. To develop an effective control strategy, the company needs to first identify what the problem is (you may think you have termites, for example, when you actually have a flea issue). After proper identification, the termite extermination company can attack the type of termite by applying specific measures.

How does the company eliminate termites?

Termites are a complex issue, and before applying any treatment to your home, it is essential to talk to the company about how it eliminates termites. Biotech ensures fast and long-term control of termites with a family-friendly performance of our Advance Termite Bait System. The revolutionary termite control product has a low impact on the environment, family, and pets while offering great eliminating power. The ATB System eliminates entire colonies that attack the home, and compared to other liquid treatments, it provides a safe, green approach.

Be sure to discuss the treatment proposed for your home with the exterminator company. Are they going to check your entire house? How long will the treatment last? And how much will the treatment cost?

Is there a guarantee?

Be skeptical about any service provider that doesn’t guarantee their work. At Biotech, we offer a one-year warranty because we confidently provide a proven methodology that is fast, safe, and effective for you and your family. After you make sure you have all of these essential things checked out about the company, ask for an estimate and what the work will include exactly.

Asking thoughtful question of your termite extermination company is par for the course. You want to know they’ll do a good job and that that they are professional. How many times will the company come to your house if the treatment hasn’t proven successful? If you are dealing with a serious and reliable company, all of these questions will be appropriately addressed.  If you or looking for a termite exterminator in Staten Island or any other part of the tri-state area, don’t hesitate to contact Biotech today.