4 Reasons Why Procrastinating a Call to the Exterminator Will Only Spread Rodent Infestation in Brooklyn, NY

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Rodents and other pests are not something that you want in your home, but the unfortunate reality is that it does happen. Waiting to call an exterminator for a pest problem in your Brooklyn, NY, home can result in additional, more serious problems as the pest multiply.

Dangers of Infestation

When rodents enter your home, they are looking for one thing—food. Once they find an access to a food source, they usually also find a place to breed, creating more rodents for you to deal with. Between the walls of your home, in the attic, or even a small space in the floor can become a nest for them. Because a female rat can have 10-12 babies every 3-4 weeks, it doesn’t take long to be overrun with rodents.

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Health Problems the Rats Bring into Your Home

Any rat bite or scratch can lead to rat-bite fever, while the urine can lead to an infection caused by the corkscrew-shaped bacteria called Leptospira. This can cause headaches, muscle pain, fever, and potentially bleeding in lungs.

Another infectious disease that can come from the saliva of rats is Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, which can cause fever, malaise, lack of appetite, muscle aches, headache, nausea, and vomiting. Following the these symptoms can be a type of meningitis characterized by a stiff neck, and swelling of the brain and meninges.

Rat droppings and hair also contribute to allergies and allergic reactions. If you inhale the dust in a home that could possibly be contaminated with rat droppings, this can cause a lung disease. And, if rats get into your food and you eat it, you can contract salmonella.

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Damage to Your Home From Rats

Mice will use any available cardboard, plastic, and paper towels to shred for a nest. They will nibble through packages of food, leaving partially eaten and contaminated food behind. Rats are great swimmers and can swim up through the toilet. They will drink from your pet’s water dish if they need water.

In their attempts to get inside, they can also cause damage to the exterior of your home. They only need a space the size of a dime to squeeze inside and can gnaw through electrical lines and wood. If they don’t nest in your house, they can burrow under bushes to create a nest there, ruining your shrubbery.

Rats Spreading in Apartment Buildings

The spread of rats can occur quickly in New York’s many apartment buildings. Since you can’t control how other people live in their apartments, it is critical to notify the management immediately if you suspect a rat problem. While you can do your part by sealing all food away in the pantry, your neighbor might leave uneaten food out on the counter.

Make sure that garbage containers have tight fitting lids, and try not to leave bags of garbage by the door for when you go out. Simple consistent habits of cleaning up and removing garbage promptly can discourage rats.

When you need a proven solution for rodents, choose pest control professionals who have been providing effective, reliable solutions for rat control in the Brooklyn, NY, area for over 25 years. You want an expert who is trained to identify rat infestations and will work to pinpoint entry points so they can be sealed for good. Look for a company with expertise in the most effective practices for rodent removal to remove the rats so they won’t come back.