Why Maintaining Routine Commercial Pest Control Can Help You Avoid Infestation in Staten Island, NY

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Pests are an icky fact of life. At some point in your Staten Island, NY, commercial property, rats, roaches, ants, termites, or some other type of creepy-crawly will likely try to find a way to get in and mess with your work life. If they are able to get in, they can cause destruction to your property, invite disease and harm, and create an overall unpleasant environment in your business. However, by regularly bringing in commercial pest control to inspect your premises, you can help stop such critters from infesting your space.

Seal Up Against Swarms

One of the most notorious and costliest pests to invade your business is the termite. These bugs are indiscriminate when it comes to the place they decide to infest, and can come by air (drywood termites) or on the ground (subterranean termites). Summertime is swarming season for drywood termites, and a surefire way to properly defend and protect your property from these flying terrors could involve having your property professionally sealed up tight. A pest control specialist can examine the exterior of your properties and help you by seeing if there are any cracks and crevices in the eaves and roof that need sealing to keep the termites away. By having routine checks for holes and other exposed areas, you will be maintaining your property and also keeping termites from feasting on the structure of your livelihood as well.

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Subterranean termites are important to guard your property against, too, and a variety of routine commercial procedures are available to keep them at bay. A commercial pest control specialist can help you decide the best course of action for keeping your landscape from becoming a subterranean termite haven. This could include keeping mulch away from the base of any buildings, checking for leaking water sources, and having a professional subterranean termite treatment applied around the property. A few improvements in landscaping and even maintenance on your property’s external water sources could be an important way to help manage the potential for pest control issues.   

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Make a Date

Even the cleanest, most buttoned-up home is still vulnerable when it comes to rats, roaches, and other pest infestations. A new family pet could be the catalyst for a flea infestation, or a bag or garbage left by the curb a little too long can be a beacon for a colony of ants. Life itself has a way of attracting unwanted rodents and insects, so your best line of defense is to set up regular maintenance with your trusted commercial pest control specialist.

Commercial pest control specialists can help you identify areas of your property that are susceptible to infestation, and can guide you on the best methods for pest prevention. You do not want to wait until an unwanted pest is reported in in an office or apartment—you can instead avoid the embarrassment and hit to the reputation of your business that such a sighting can have and prevent it through regular inspections. By making commercial pest control a part of the maintenance routine, you can help secure your properties from critters, and also avoid costly damage and distress.