Steps Involved with a Termite Extermination Service in NYC

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While you peacefully go about the chore of daily living, a nearly silent residential parasite could be happily munching away on your home. The termite could be a silent killer of your property, as it provides little evidence of its existence to the untrained eye. Whether your yearly inspection has turned up a problem or you’ve seen signs of damage to your home, it may be time to arrange for a termite extermination in NYC for a surefire guarantee of a termite-free home.

A Proactive Inspection Begins with a Professional

Instead of looking around aimlessly with a flashlight to see if termites will make themselves known beyond their gnawing marks, you’ll want to book professionals who can check for signs of a current issue. Before they arrive, you should make sure that they’ll have access to every out-of-the-way hiding place the little critters may call home. These places include garage walls and corners, the basement, attic, and closets and places with beams or columns. The inspector will check for signs such as abandoned termite wings, actual insects, mud tunnels, or damage to paint. All of these could indicate potential termite activity.

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Consultation Will Follow Inspection

After the inspection, expect a consultation with the professional inspector. This is when you will hear the results of the investigation. You may see a diagram showing activity if it was seen, photographs, a description of the type of termite that’s living with you, and a breakdown of the prescribed treatment plan. If treatment is needed, you should expect to hear the entire process that’s recommended, along with any steps you’ll need to follow to ensure the process will go smoothly. Pricing, time factors, and other relevant details will also play a role in this discussion.

Let the Treatment Commence (And the Termites Die)

After consulting with the inspector, you should know what to expect during the actual treatment. You don’t even have to be home when it’s happening. Effective treatment does not involve traditional liquid chemicals that are known for being disruptive and potentially risky to the people and animals living inside. Instead, the Advance Termite Bait System involves stations placed outside of the home that draws in termites—and no other types of creatures (like pets).

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Follow Up with Re-Treatment as Needed

Serious infestations of termites might require more than one treatment. Reputable termite extermination companies will let you this upfront and guarantee that they will provide follow-through treatment within a certain time period if the first treatment was not enough to rid you of this pest problem. Failure to continue with appropriate treatments can result in a re-infestation on a level that’s on par with the initial problem. Until the final all-clear is given, follow the advice of professionals and keep watch after that initial treatment occurs.

Schedule Annual Check-Ups

Once you know that your home is clear of termites, plan for a yearly checkup. A proactive, professional inspection will prevent future issues with termite inspection and damage. Waiting until you see the telltale signs of termites gives them time to do significant damage. Avoid this consequence by making a regular appointment for your home’s health just as you would your own.