Choosing a Bed Bug Exterminator in NYC: What to Look For

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Do you suspect that bed bugs may have moved into your NYC home? If so, you’re not alone. Bed bugs are a common problem, but one that requires expert care if you want to get them gone for good. The stress of realizing that you have bed bugs may make it hard to decide who to turn to and where to find the best service. Give yourself a moment and regroup, and then consider these tips when it comes time for you to choose a bed bug exterminator in NYC for peace of mind and a pest solution you can trust. 

Find a Bed Bug Specialist

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, everyday exterminators just won’t do. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to treat and get rid of. They require expert knowledge and methods of removal. Look for an exterminator that specializes in bed bugs. You can rest assured that you’ll be hiring a professional that can really get the job done. 


Read the Reviews

Online reviews offer a quick and efficient way to ensure that you’ll be hiring Biotech Termite & Pest Control a bed bug professional in NYC that will get the job done right. Check out what past clients have to say about an exterminator’s services. Consider website testimonials straight from other people in your area to get a good picture of what exterminators have to offer. 


Ask What Methods They Offer

There are a number of methods that exterminators use to treat pests, and some are more effective than others. Ask if the company you wish to hire uses safe, non-repellent chemicals and other safe methods, such as industrial-strength steam to blast bed bugs out of their hiding spaces. Trained bed bug dogs are also another great tool that professional bed bug removal teams will use to pinpoint and track down areas of infestation, thus saving lots of time and money. 


Follow Up

Does your bed bug exterminator offer a follow-up inspection? While bed bugs can be effectively removed the first time around, often a follow-up inspection is necessary to make sure every last insect and egg was destroyed. If an infestation is still found to be present during a follow-up visit, your bed bug exterminator should be able to offer to take care of the remaining pests at no charge. Don’t hire an exterminator to take care of your bed bug problem if a follow-up isn’t included in the service. 


Ask About a Warranty 

Do exterminators offer warranties? Yes! A professional bed bug exterminator should offer you a warranty on the service they provide. Check to see if the exterminator you are hiring provides a 1-year warranty to ensure that they will return to rid your home of bed bugs for up to one year after their service. 

Finding bed bugs in your home can be distressing, but when you hire a professional bed bug exterminator, this pesky problem will be a thing of the past. Take the time to research and hire a pro and you’ll get the reassurance you need to have a comfortable home that’s free of bed bugs.