6 Pest Control Myths and How to Ensure You’re Getting Rid of Pests the Right Way in Brooklyn, NY

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No matter where you live in the world, common household pests are sure to plague you at some point. However, for residents in Brooklyn, NY, taking daily pest control precautions is a must to avoid infestations that get out of control. Unfortunately, there are a few common myths that many residents believe and follow that actually can make your pest control problem worse. These misguided ideas make it harder to rid your home of pests, causing you unnecessary frustration and extra work. Read on and we’ll discuss some of these myths, as well as how to ensure you’re getting rid of pests the right way so you can enjoy a comfortable home that’s truly pest free. 

Myth #1: Clean Spaces Will Be Free of Pests

While keeping a clean and tidy home is necessary for helping to keep pests at bay, even the most spotless spaces are still susceptible to infestation. This is especially true for residents living in multi-family housing complexes, as one’s neighbors’ pest control problem can easily migrate to units nearby. 

Myth #2: If You Can’t See Them, You Don’t Have Them

While common household pests like roaches and ants are hard to miss, others like termites and bed bugs are experts at hiding. In fact, you may even doubt yourself when other signs of infestation are clear, simply because you have to see the pests to believe it. 

Myth #3: Place Cheese on a Mousetrap to Catch Rodents

Cartoons would have you believe that mice love cheese, but this simply isn’t true. Rodents are actually attracted to food with higher sugar content, like dried fruits or peanut butter. So, save your fancy aged cheddar and forget this myth too. 

Myth #4: Bed Bugs Only Come from Hotels

While it’s true that hotels are notorious for sending travelers home with extra baggage in the form of bed bugs, they aren’t the only place they spread and thrive. Bed bugs can travel on coats, purses, used furniture and a variety of other everyday items that you may have in your home. 

Myth #5: Fleas Die Without a Host

These little vampires are actually much tougher than you may think. If fleas do not have a living host nearby, they are actually able to go dormant for long periods of time. So, if you think going on a long vacation will solve your flea infestation problem, think again. 

Myth #6: DIY Pest Control Methods are Effective 

While it may seem that a DIY pest control methods work at first, in most cases, at-home solutions simply aren’t powerful enough to deal with large scale pest control problems. In particular, bed bugs are some of the toughest pests to eradicate. Infestation requires professional methods and follow-up care to completely eradicate from your life. 

The Real Solution

Sometimes even the most diligent, clean, and fastidious resident can still experience an infestation. If you want to ensure that you’re doing it right when it comes to pest control, then calling in the pros is your only option. If you want to make fleas, roaches, termites, bed bugs or rodents a thing of the past, forget the myths and be sure to call in a professional exterminator.