Figuring Out Which Termite Extermination Method in NYC is Best Suited to You

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If you think you have termites in your NYC home, figuring out which treatment method is best suited to you can be difficult. When there is no time to waste in seeking treatment, you need to know all the options for termite extermination.

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What Are termites?

Termites are tiny insects that feed on dead matter made up of cellulose-based plant materials, such as wood. Often called the “silent destructor,” you have no idea that they can be quietly feeding on the wood that forms the structure of your home. They are always active and can attack any kind of building that has wood framing. 

Clues That You Have Termites 

There are several indicators that you have termites. 

One: You might notice what are called “swarms” or flying termites that are looking for mates. They tend to fly at night and are attracted to lights. 

Two: You notice what you think are white ants, but they are in fact termites. Termites are light in color and can appear translucent.

Three: You notice hollow-sounding wood that surrounds doors and windows, as well as tunnels in wood framing. It is not uncommon to find termite droppings such as a black, powdery substance and discarded wings nearby. 

Extermination Methods 

Soil Treatment: Some types of termites live in the soil and feed on the wood that is on the ground or anchored in the ground of the base of the house. To treat the soil surrounding the foundation of the home, a trench is dug and treated with a termite preventive. Once treated, the soil is replaced and the trench acts as a barrier to termites returning to the available wood.

Wood Treatment:  You can treat the wood with surface sprays, foams, and a preservative called borate wood preservative. These sprays are absorbed into the wood and act as a barrier to termites. When termites eat the treated wood, they slowly die because it prevents them from digesting the wood–and they starve.

Bait Traps: A bait trap system is when a pest control professional sets termite traps around the perimeter of your home, monitoring them for termites. 

When to Seek Professional Help 

While it can be tempting to try to “do-it-yourself” to rid your home of termites, the truth is that they are not only hard to detect, but they are hard to exterminate. And do you really want to take that chance with your home?

Your NYC extermination expert has the termite solution you need to eliminate these insects from your home once and for all. Their bait method is superior to chemical treatments for several reasons. Because the bait traps are situated around the exterior perimeter of your home, nothing they do will disrupt your landscape or be obvious to visitors.

Using a treatment that is eco-friendly and safe for children and pets can be a critical way to protect your home and your family in the process of ridding your home of these destructive pests. Finally, they guarantee the elimination of the entire termite colony.  

After a thorough inspection of your property and structure, they will act quickly to remove the termites from your home and return to repeat the treatment if your home is not termite-free for an entire year, at no cost to you.

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