Why Your Manhattan, NY, Business Needs Reliable Commercial Pest Control in 2020

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With 2019 behind us, many business owners in Manhattan, NY, are looking ahead to make their plans for the coming year. While there are a lot of things to consider when you run a business, maintenance tops the list, and pest control is an essential part of any company’s overall care. Reliable pest control can help to ensure that your customers and clients are comfortable and safe throughout the year, and it can also help to protect the integrity of your commercial property. If your commercial pest control plan has been touch-and-go, and you’re looking to opt for a more consistent service, read on and we’ll show you all of the reasons why hiring a reliable commercial pest exterminator in Manhattan, NY is a must for every business. 


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Bed Bugs

The phrase “bed bugs” alone will send terror shooting through most business owners, and it will turn away all potential clients and customers. Some business owners may assume that bed bugs are a problem that plagues only hotels, but that simply isn’t so. Furniture and clothing are also carriers of this icky little pest, and they are expert hiders that can live undetected behind picture frames, inside walls, or inside cracks in the floor. Ask your exterminator if they regularly look for bed bugs as a part of their commercial pest control plan. 



Rats and mice are another fact of life for business owners in the city, and not just in restaurants or other food service businesses. Wherever people are, rodents will be too, and keeping them at bay is important for the health of all of your employees and customers alike. Rodents also tend to chew through the infrastructure of your property, including insulation, wiring, ducts, and other out of sight, yet essential elements to your property. Keep these critters at bay with professional pest control methods and you’ll feel at ease all year long. 



Termites only affect wood frame homes, right? Think again. Termites can swarm and infest wherever wood is present, leaving your commercial property riddled with expensive damage that’s hard to replace. They creep into exposed portions of your commercial building that you may not even notice, and can go to work for a long time chewing on your property without you even noticing. Commercial pest control companies have a variety of new methods for treating this common intruder that won’t interrupt your business. Ask your exterminator about their tent-free methods for making termites a thing of the past. 


Other Insects

Ants, roaches, and even bees can make running your business unpleasant. Customers and clients are likely to be turned off if ants or roaches are present on your property, even though they aren’t necessarily indications of unhealthy cleaning practices or unsanitary work situations. Bees can also set up shop on the exterior of your property, creating an unsafe situation for clients and passers-by that have deadly allergic reactions to bee stings. Biotech Termite & Pest Control keeps your commercial property in Manhattan, NY free of any and all pests, and you’ll be sure to have a successful business year that won’t be bugged! 


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