4 Tips from an Exterminator for Keeping Food Safe from Pests in Bronx, NY

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When it comes to keeping your Bronx, NY, home free of pests and critters, even the cleanest, most fastidious resident can still be prone to infestation. Keeping these unwanted guests out of your home is important, and protecting your food from roaches, ants, and rats is essential. Insects and rodents are known to spread disease, so keeping them out of your pantry and off of your shelves should be top of mind. Check out these tips from professional pest exterminators in the Bronx, NY on how to keep your food safe from pests so you can snack and dine with confidence. 


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Keep Things Clean

It’s a fact; insects and rodents are drawn into our homes to feast on the leftover bits of food we forget about. Dirty, piled up dishes in the sink, bits of bagels left in the toaster, and countertop crumbs are all beacons to enterprising insects and rodents. If infestations are a concern for you, be sure to not leave dirty dishes in the sink for extended periods of time and regularly wipe down your counters (including underneath appliances). Also, don’t forget to keep the general state of your living spaces neat and tidy so bugs don’t welcome themselves into your home in the first place! 


Remove Kitchen Waste

Take out the garbage! You may have scraped last night’s leftovers into the trash bin, but that won’t stop sneaky pests from helping themselves. Remember Templeton from “Charlotte’s Web”? Rats and roaches love garbage waste just as much as the fresh stuff, and they won’t think twice about sneaking into your trash can. Don’t forget to check other rooms in your house for dirty dishes and garbage (parents with teenagers, we’re looking at you) and have them removed. Be sure to also remove your garbage every day, preferably before you go to bed, to ensure unwelcome critters aren’t left a midnight buffet. 


Properly Seal and Store Food

Thinking of leaving your pie to cool on the counter? Not so fast. Leaving food out overnight is like an invitation for critters to take a bite. This goes for produce that you may normally leave on the counter and candy dishes as well. Be sure to have all of your food properly sealed up in snap tight containers so that insects and rodents can’t get in. If you have bulk foods, consider having them raised up off the floor onto a bench or storage shelf, as rats have been known to chew through packaging. If you have a pet, remove their food bowls before you go to bed at night as that offers easy snacking for ants, roaches, and rodents. 


Call in the Pros

Did everything you can to ensure that your food stays safe, but you still see chewed bits of food in your kitchen? Don’t wait it out; the problem will only get worse. Consult with a professional exterminator to see if there are alternative methods for dealing with your pest problem. Ensuring the safety of your food is of utmost importance, and it’s up to you to battle any critters that try to stand in the way. Pair up with a professional Bronx pest exterminator to ensure that your mealtimes are always safe and pest free. 


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