How Often Does the Average Household Need Pest Control on Long Island, NY?

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Ants marching across the windowsill, bugs crawling in a cupboard, a mouse scurrying to darkness along the baseboards—these are awful things made of nightmares. Unfortunately, you may see any of these pests in real life in your Long Island, NY, property. How can you prevent your nightmares from coming true? Looking into proper pest control on Long Island NY and being aware of what is needed to keep the pests at bay is a must.


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Preventive Care Reduces Pest Population 

Regular pest control inspections in Long Island, NY can put your fears to rest if you have ever had a pest problem such as late-night visits by cockroaches, other insects, or mice in your home. It is also wise to take away anything that may entice these creatures to come out and take up your space. That means being meticulously clean with food cleanups and ensuring you never leave crumbs out for nibbling. These are general guidelines and it may turn out that your pest problem is beyond your control, such as pests finding easy access through the foundation of your house or neighbors who have issues that are spilling over onto your property. 


Pest Control for Keeping Out Unwanted Creatures 

Attention from the pest control experts can give you peace of mind. The pros know exactly where to look and how to find out if the pest problem is active. Termites, for instance, can cause significant damage to the wood in your home, but they’re also slow moving, and the damage you find may be old—treatment may not be necessary at this time, but your pest control experts may instead suggest that they keep an eye on it through annual inspections. Those inspections can later be used a record if a future homebuyers asks about the tiny holes in your basement. 


But My House Is New 

There is a false misconception that new homes don’t require pest control. New homes require pest control attention as much as a 100-year-old home. It could be that the home was open to the elements during the construction phase. Many pests may have been given the opportunity to move in and make themselves at home, lay eggs, or dig a new entry point.   


Signing Up for Pest Control 

What a household needs in terms of pest control varies. Whether you suspect you have a termite problem in the foundation, bed bugs hiding amid the furniture, or rodents building nests in the basement, what residents and property owners need is access to pest control experts at a moment’s notice. You want peace of mind of knowing who to call to first determine if you do indeed have a problem, how bad it really is, and what the solution is to fix the problem fast. 


When you sign up to work with a reputable, experienced pest control company, you will find that they stand by their work, minimizing the need to service your Long Island, NY, residence. For instance, in the unlikely event that the treatment does not work the first time for your termite problem, they will return to repeat the process at no cost if your property isn’t completely termite for a one-year period.


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