Why Your Business Needs Commercial Pest Control in NYC

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First impressions are lasting. A single pest on the premises can damage your reputation and even cause a public health concern. Trusting the public’s perception of your business to qualified experts is a smart business decision. Here’s why your business needs commercial pest control in NYC to maintain a welcoming, healthy, and safe environment for tenants and visitors.

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Why Commercial Pest Control is Important

Aside from being annoying, pests can cost many thousands in damages to the property, and they can ruin your reputation.

Meet Health Codes

Hospitality businesses may be issued health code violations if inspectors determine that pest control is nonexistent or ineffective. This can mean being forced to close your doors until the problem is mitigated. Being closed even for a short time can be financially disastrous for a business, but the biggest problem is public perception. Any health code violations can make it difficult to regain public trust once it’s lost. 

Maintain a Good Reputation

Customers may tell you about pests they see on your premises, but they are even more likely to spread the word. In our digital age, a bad review is damaging and permanent. Even if you take care of the problem and your business is completely pest-free, one bad review can tarnish your reputation for many years.

Offer a Welcoming Experience

Whether you own an apartment building, an office complex, a hospitality business or a retail business, your customers and tenants will remember their experience. Being lax about pest problems sends the message that you don’t care about people’s well-being. This unintended message will send them to your competition. 

Attract Better Tenants  

Well-maintained buildings and grounds, including a pest-free environment, will attract higher-quality tenants.

Protect Your Investment

Pests can cause expensive property damage. They can destroy wooden structures, inventory, electrical wiring, insulation, and personal property. 

Avoid Lawsuits

Certain types of pests carry diseases. If tenants or customers are bitten, they may sue you.

Prevention and Treatment

Prevention is always cheaper than a cure!

Schedule Regular Inspections 

By the time someone notices a few pests, it’s already a problem. Where there’s one, there are likely to be hundreds if not thousands of roaches, wasps, termites, carpenter ants, or rodents.

Regular inspections help exterminators properly identify pests and determine the most effective treatment. Eliminating pests in NYC is easier when the populations are small, and pest populations can explode in a very short time. Regular inspections also help pest control specialists evaluate ongoing or past treatments and make any necessary adjustments to their strategy.

Regular inspections also identify potential problems that could invite pests, such as standing water or unsecured trash. Inspections offer an opportunity to correct problems that attract pests using chemical barriers and other deterrent methods. Pest invasions may be seasonal (as pests seek a warm place for the winter); or, they may be a result of renovations or construction activity. Businesses with frequent deliveries can also experience an infestation.

As a business owner, you understand the value of peace of mind knowing that your property is a safe and healthy environment. BioTech’s expert technicians identify pests and treat your pest problem quickly, safely, and efficiently. 

Don’t wait for a pest emergency. Regular inspections can prevent small pest populations from exploding – and you can focus on your business instead of dealing with the pests before they become a costly and embarrassing problem.


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