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Rodents can be devastating for a hotel: not only because they are destructive and carry diseases, but because guests will talk if they see even one mouse or rat on the premises. What guests say can ruin your hotel’s reputation. Here’s how to keep your hotel running smoothly and how to target rodents in a hotel with professional rodent control in Queens, NY.


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Even one sighting of a mouse scurrying along the baseboards or a few mouse droppings in the room can be disastrous. Even though rodents are naturally drawn to any establishment that holds the promise of easy food – such as hotels and restaurants – it’s possible to deter rodents, and quickly take care of any that are present.


As with most things, prevention is better than a cure. 


Vigilance is essential. Train your staff to identify rodent droppings, nests, or damage, and make sure that any of these are immediately brought to the attention of management. 


Early signs of mice or rats include droppings and urine stains. These are typically found near nests and food sources, along walls, under furniture, and in other places rodents like to travel. Nests may be harder to find, but telltale signs like chewed up fabric pieces can mean that rodents are comfortably nestled nearby. Routinely check upholstered furniture as well as any cracks in walls where rodents can hide. Rodent damage can be slight or extensive. Mice and rats will chew anything they think is good nesting material or food, such as fiberglass insulation, wiring, bedsheets and blankets, wood, rags, towels, upholstered furniture, and paper. 


Never store anything in cardboard boxes. These do not pose a barrier to determined rodents looking for a meal or a nesting site. Use only sturdy, sealable plastic or metal containers. Rodents can chew through plastic, but it’s slow work. Regular inspections can spot their efforts before they get through to the contents.


Store all non-refrigerated food in glass, metal, or durable plastic containers. Rodents don’t eat much, but it’s estimated that they contaminate 10x more food than they consume. Promptly remove any dropped food, and always secure trash cans.


Remove any sources of standing water, including leaky pipes and condensation from air conditioning units.


Securely seal any entrance points. Unfortunately, this is challenging. Rodents don’t have collar bones, so if their head fits, the rest of them will fit too. All mouse-head-sized gaps and holes in heating, ventilation, ductwork, and holes for electrical wiring and plumbing must be sealed. Our trained pest prevention experts can identify where rodents are entering the building. We can advise you on the best ways to seal up those entry points.


Although preventive measures are effective, they are not guaranteed since rodents can access your hotel via food deliveries or laundry services. If you suspect that your hotel has rodents, fast action is key. Regular inspections will spot problems before they get out of hand, and they can help you adjust your prevention strategy if needed. 


Call Biotech today. We’ll work with your hotel staff to make sure your guests never see a single rodent during their stay with you. We address the root cause of your hotel’s rodent issues. Our experts are trained in the most effective rodent control practices in Queens, NY, including pesticide-free rodent removal. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Biotech will solve your rodent problems so you can get back serving your customers!


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