What Smell Drives Rats Away?

What Smell Drives Rats Away?

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Every day, you smell various scents. Think of one smell to drive rats away.

Did you know that smell affects your mood and behavior? This is why many colleges and businesses use smell to help raise the morale of their employees and students while simultaneously driving away rodents.

For individuals who do not like smelling chemical rodent repellants or who suffer from allergies, natural smell good alternatives such as peppermint oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, cedarwood chips, and blocks are available for purchase online.


Why Rats are In My Home?

Picking up on smell drives rats away and can aid in understanding why they are in your home.

Rats are not comfortable with the smell of peppermint oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, or cedarwood chips. This smell triggers their brain to recognize danger and will drive them out of your home quickly! But using smell inside your home may not turn out as effective. That is when you do not also follow proper procedures for preventing rodents from invading your home in the first place.


Ways To Check If You Have A Rat Problem

Here are three ways that you can do for this goal. Know about them below:

Check for Rat Droppings

Checking for smell drives rats away is as simple as looking around the house. Rats leave behind droppings and you can see these easily. Droppings are oblong and will appear to have ridges that run vertically on them. They also smell terrible due to their diet of rotting material (a similar smell to feces). When you smell a rat, look for dung on counters or along walls.

Rat droppings are hazardous disease carriers. Their urine, when dried out will stain surfaces. It is how you can tell when an infestation has been active for a while. Their feces contaminate food storage areas as well as utensils in your kitchen.


Inspect Outdoor for Rat Holes

Another way smell drives rats away is by looking for holes outside. Rats are excellent diggers and can leave huge, obvious exits on your lawn. Digging holes also makes it easier for them to burrow into your home’s foundation. It will make it easier for them to access the area inside your house.

Holes in your foundation will smell like a rat. But know of any walls in the area that smell like a wet dog. Rats need cool areas to live in, and their nests can smell like a wet dog when moist or damp.


Sprinkle Flour or Powder on Floor Where You Suspect Rats

Another way smell drives rats away from your home is by sprinkling flour or fine powder on the floor. Rats will not go through a small opening due to their size. They need large openings for them to walk through without requiring much effort. The smells of diverse essential oils, cedarwood chips, or similar alternatives will drive them out quickly as well as provide effective rodent control. Using knowledge about the smell that drives rats away can protect you and your home.


What Scents Can Repel Rats?

Familiarize yourself with 15 of these that you can put in your home. Get ready for a long guide:

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil smells drives rats away because it has a strong aroma to their sensitive noses. Rats are timid creatures, according to experts. When they smell peppermint, they will feel threatened and avoid the area where the smell is present.

Put this around your home or in front of entries where you suspect rodents are entering at night. This can come in handy for houses that have small children or dog companions because rodents do not like them either!


White Vinegar

White vinegar smell drives rats away because it is the aroma of predators. They smell like dogs to rodents. Use white vinegar on entry points so they know they are not welcome in your home. They smell like death to rats, and they will avoid an area with it.

This is one of the most effective ways to use vinegar as a rat repellent. All you need are some common cotton balls and white vinegar. Find them at your local grocery store for very little money! Place soaked balls in areas where there are rats. Spread them across dishes. They soak up all those annoying critters who love nothing better than making your lives miserable.



Citronella’s smell drives rats away because it gives off a strong aroma to them. Rats cannot tolerate it. They smell like large predators, and they will find an exit from your home or work area quickly. Rats will avoid any place where this smell is present as well as any place with even a trace of it.

One way smell drives rats away from your home or outdoor area is by using citronella oil. You can purchase it for very little money at Walmart or Kroger grocery stores. Place them in areas around entrances and exits regularly until you do not smell rats. This scent will always repel pests and rodents.


Chili Powder

Chilis smell like death to rats. They smell them as predators. It will drive them away quickly. They will find an exit and move on very fast when you use chili powder to drive rats away.

Furthermore, use chili oil or powder against rats. This chemical compound in chilis is robust and potent similar to that within ammonia-based foods such as hot dogs. It can cause harm when you ingest it. But not so much for animals since they do not have digestive systems.


Hot Sauce and Cayenne Pepper

The cayenne smell drives rats away because they smell like predators to them. Rats will find an exit very fast and leave without hesitation when you use cayenne pepper or hot sauce because it smells like dogs.

Use cayenne in areas where there are rodents. They smell like death, and the odor of it is adequate to repel them from your home or office area. Use it until you do not smell rats anymore.



Eucalyptus smell drives rodents away. They smell like death to them, and they will repel upon smelling it. Rats flee from eucalyptus oil as soon as they smell the scent of it on their way into your home or workspace.

Also, you can use this smell to drive rats out of your garden. That is instead of using rat traps that are dangerous for pets and children. Many people allow their dogs to roam around outdoors during the day while they are at work. You do not want a trap to hurt them accidentally. Consider an alternative such as a eucalyptus smell.



Citronella smell drives rats away because they smell like dogs to rodents. It will not smell good to them, and they will find an exit that takes them far away from your home or office space.

You can purchase citronella oil at any local grocery store for less than $5.00! Its smell is potent to keep pests and rodents out of your garden area as well as your home.

The powerful smell drives rats away best! Do not forget this when you are cleaning up after rodent infestation in the house or yard area.


Clover Plants

Place clover plants in your garden or home for rats to smell them. They cannot tolerate the smell of it, and they will find an exit without hesitation. Using clover plants is one of the best ways how smell drive rats away.

You can use clover plants to repel rats in two main ways. You could pick the flowers from your yard and place them. But this will take up a lot more time than you would like. Another downside is that after springtime comes again, nothing is left for harvesting.



Ammonia smell drives rats away because of the chemicals in the air. They flee upon smelling it. Rats smell ammonia both outside and indoors.

You do not need to purchase ammonia at a grocery store for this purpose. Instead, use equal parts bleach and water to spray diluted solutions of this chemical compound all over your yard area or inside your home. The smell will drive rodents out of your space quickly!


Used Coffee Grounds

Used coffee grounds smell like predators to rodents. Rats smell them both inside and outside of your home. But they smell like death near the entry area. They will smell at first, but after some time, all smells will disappear completely!

The smell of used coffee grounds is strong to drive rodents away with. It is not easy for them to handle that smell or tolerate it either. Once they leave your space for good, you can stop using this smell with awesome results!


Peppermint, Wintergreen, Spearmint

Rats flee around your home upon smelling these scents. They do not want any part of them. These smells drive them away within your yard area as well as inside your home or office space.

The minty-smelling plants are a fantastic way to keep pests away. Not only do they smell good. But these herbs also have oils or medicinal properties that can help kill off any unwanted visitors in your home.



The bleach smell drives away mice because it smells like a predator. It is what they detect first before anything else.

You should figure out the entry point that rodents use to enter your home or workspace when you want this smell to work best. Once you have, place diluted bleach juice there. It will smell like death and drive them away quickly!



Mothballs’ smell drive rats away and flee from the area of your home fast! You can place mothballs inside of your cupboards or wherever you had issues with mice before. It will smell strong, but after some time, rodents will go far away from your home or office space. Use this smell to repel pests for good!


Predator Smell

Rats smell predators inside your home. They smell like a danger to them. Once you detect where they enter your home or work area, place fresh urine around the entry point. They smell death there, so rodents will flee away from that spot fast!

When it comes to the rat, there is no smell like a mother’s love. They will go anywhere and everywhere with their young ones in tow. That is even on top of other animals that may have a scent around (including cats or mongooses).


Cat Fur

The smell of cats’ fur drives rats away. They will stay far from your home or work area. Do not forget to place some fresh cat urine around the entry point that rodents use to invade your home or office space!

Cats are a fabulous way to keep annoying pests like rats away. All you need is some cat hair from your pet and sprinkle it around the areas where they frequent, which will deter them both indoors or out!


Are Homemade Repellants Effective?

Not all smell-based homemade repellants last forever. When you use them for months, they will wear off and you need to keep reapplying. That is why it is best to use sprays that can repel rodents that smell like predators or chemicals.


Other Ways to Keep Rats Away

Learn more about two of these methods on how to prevent rats in your home.

Keep Clean and Tidy

When you have a dirty or disorganized house, rats will smell it from a mile away. You must never leave any food around your home and keep the space clean.

Rats smell predators inside of your home immediately. They also smell danger there as well as an unclean environment that is bad for their health. Keep your living spaces clean to drive them away successfully!


Regular Home Repair and Maintenance

Rats smell anything that is not regular around your home. They smell danger in this kind of environment because it can lead to a visit from a rat exterminator in New York. When you keep the maintenance going on at your home, rodents will steer clear.


Keep Your Home Rat-Free with Biotech

Go to Biotech Termite and Pest Control when you have issues with rodents in your home. The smell from the products they use will keep pests away for a long time because the odor is like a predator and chemicals to them!

Did you see a rat or two working on building their nest in your home? It is important to stop them before they start wreaking havoc and spreading diseases.