Mice/Rats vs Baking Soda: Does it Work and How to Use It?

MiceRats vs Baking Soda Does it Work and How to Use It?

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Mice and rats infest your home in the colder months of the year. Baking soda proves effective at mice or rat control due to its strong smell, alkalinity (level of acidity or basicity), and its porous nature. When mice or rats come in contact with baking soda, their respiratory systems cannot handle its strong alkalinity and they die within a day.

How Does Baking Soda Kill Mice?

While mice or rats cannot discriminate between food, poison, and baking soda, they will seek out the source of the smell since they have strong senses. Once mice or rats find an alkaline substance like baking soda, their respiratory systems cannot handle it due to its alkalinity level.

Mice or rats must ingest baking soda at over a 50% concentration before it will kill. Even then, they do not ingest it with ease. While they cannot digest the substance after ingestion, their mouths become alkaline and burn their lips and tongues. Eventually, mice or rats die due to the baking soda’s alkalinity overall. That is rather than its poisonous properties, similar to how mice or rats die from eating poison.

Mice and rats will not come running after you sprinkle baking soda around your home or property. You must strategically place the material where they are active. They will in crevices, inside walls, and near their food.

Sprinkling baking soda along the walls does not provide mice or rat control. You must use bait around activity areas to attract them to the source of the smell. Out-of-the-way places like attic spaces often prove mice or rat-free. They do not want to travel through them.

To make it more attractive, mice or rats will seek out the source of the smell they like. Mixing baking soda with peanut butter makes it mice-attractive due to its strong scent and sweetness.

Pros and Cons of Using Baking Soda to Kill Mice


Mice or rats die in 24 to 36 hours when exposed to baking soda due to its strong alkalinity, which is well beyond the levels they can handle.

Baking soda is natural and mice or rats cannot discriminate between it and food.

It does not have to mix with poison or other substances for mice or rats to ingest it.

When mice or rats have exposure to baking soda, they die in one location. Eliminate the problem when you use control methods properly.

It does not have to harm you in reasonable amounts.

For mice or rats, baking soda is a fast-acting poison.

Baking soda is a safe and inexpensive way to keep your home free from mice.

It is also easy to use.

Purchase it at a local grocery store or pharmacy while military personnel has access via commissary stores on base.


Despite mice or rats dying within 24 hours, they do not die immediately. They can travel to different parts of your home and make their way back to where they ate the baking soda.

Mice or rats have a good sense of smell so control may take time before you see progress.

Baking soda is not mice or rat killer. You can use it as bait with peanut butter. But they will die in one location once they eat the mixture.

They do not solve mice problems. You need to use mice control alongside baking soda.

Mice or rats cannot discriminate between food and baking soda. They may come back to the same location. It needs poison and traps.

How to Make Your Poison Powder

You may need mice control more than poison. Keep mice and rats away from your property with mice extermination alongside baking soda. Use mice or rat poison nearby when they start chewing through things to reach food or water inside your home.

Mice and rats come back to their nesting location for protection, which means they will not leave your property. Ensure they stay away while you use mice control alongside baking soda to keep them off the exterior of your house.

To make mice or rat poison powder, get:

  • peanut butter
  • powdered dry yeast
  • cornflour
  • salt
  • flour (all-purpose)
  • sugar
  • shortening (vegetable oil)
  • baking soda

Mix ingredients in a bowl and add water while stirring to get the right paste consistency.

Place ingredients alongside baking soda in areas mice or rats frequent. Have a mice trap ready nearby to catch them dead-on when they eat the mixture. You can discreetly place it under a kitchen cabinet when they try to sneak into your home at night for food and water.

Mice love eating all of those ingredients, including baking soda. But mice or rat poison powder kills them within 24 hours of eating it.

This makes control alongside baking soda to make poison powder. By using mice control along with poison, you can get rid of the mice or rats within 24 hours.

You can make a poison powder with baking soda by combining three ingredients: one cup each of flour and sugar as well as adequate water

Create a dough-like consistency. Let this sit overnight before using it in any recipe or meal that calls for powdery substances.

More Tips for Making Baking Soda Poison Bait

Put mice or rat poison powder in desserts. They eat it, lick their paws, and spread the mice bait around your home.

Do not put poison on the food you cook for your consumption. This is unwise since mice or rats will die next to the food that you ingest. Mixing baking soda with peanut butter leads to mice control to make poison.

When mice or rats eat the mixture, they lactate and die shortly after that. They can digest baking soda and it does not harm them in small amounts.

But mice control is necessary when using poison alongside baking soda. Mice attract other mice to their location before dying. When using poison, know mice control to get them away from your home and keep them off the exterior.

It does not matter when mice or rats eat poison alongside baking soda. They will die either way. Mice control is necessary when using bait and baking soda.

You can do mice control as poison powder by eating it or dusting them. It will not harm you in tiny amounts.

They die within 24 hours of eating the mixture. That is why mice control alongside baking soda works to kill mice and rats immediately.

Mice love peanut butter, even more than poison or killer. Keep mice or rat poison nearby when using control to make bait.

How Long Does it Take for Mice or Rats to Die?

Mice or rat poison powder kills mice and rats within 24 hours of eating it. They die either way, even when they eat peanut butter with the mixture. Use mice control along with baking soda to make a poison that kills them within 24 hours.

The mouse is not going anywhere. Get rid of them by sprinkling baking soda around your home. But it can take days for this method to work! When you are looking for more painful death than waiting around, try one or two fewer sugary treats next time instead. You are poisoning yourself every time you keep sweet treats in your home.

There are plenty of ways to let mice and rats disappear. One popular solution is by poisoning them. But this can become an ineffective long-term plan. It does not solve the problem for good. There will always remain a population on your property looking forward to poaching again in one year.

That is when you apply pesticides or killed all existing members off with hinting tactics. An example is setting out poison bait boxes around the outside area where these pests tend to live.

When you feed animals poison, they ingest the harmful substance and die. But it can take hours or days to kill them with this chemical compound in your homemade products like pest control cubes since the design is for indoor use only.

Alternative Ways to Kill Mice

Learn more about two of these that you can use for mice.

Live Traps

When mice do not own a home, they will live in your house. Start mice control whenever you discover their residence with live traps.

These are ideal for mice or rat control to keep them off your property forever. Trapping them is an effective way since they do not come back once captured and relocated. This is the mice control you should use when these rodents keep coming back.

No mice can enter your house when you use live traps. But they have babies who also have babies. Mice control is necessary to get rid of mice-related problems!

Live mice will never die or leave your home. That is why control is critical to use when they keep coming back on your property. Always track mice numbers when you want the best control.

You can do mice control by poison. But they will always come back when trapping with live traps does not work for some reason.

Live traps are a fabulous option for mouse owners who do not want to kill their furry foes but rather keep them off of the property. These mechanized devices come equipped with some kind of door. It swings shut when the animal wanders inside, trapping it without harm.

Mice control is critical to keep them off your property. Once mice remain on the exterior, it becomes extermination. No mice are roaming around inside your home.

Snap Traps

Snap traps are mice control that you can use indoors or outdoors within your house. They work well when mice live in the attic.

You must keep mice numbers down to track their activity when mice control is necessary for them who come back to your property.

Use mice control to make homemade snap traps that kill mice immediately with a result of death.

These are easy to set up mice control with bait inside. Bait is necessary when you want mice control as they love peanut butter over everything else.

Mice eat the peanut butter and trigger the trap, which snaps shut on their neck. Live mice control is necessary to get rid of mice-related problems!

Use mice control for this common rodent. Set up traps where they live with peanut butter as bait. Snap traps work well for mice who wander inside or outside your home!

No mice can eat the peanut butter when you want mice control to keep them off your property.

This mice control option is ideal for mice who live in your home or are already inside. You can use snap traps to kill them immediately when control becomes necessary.

Do not attempt to poison mice when they live in the attic. These rodents will die up there and you do not want dead mice rotting away above your head all day!

Baking Soda Rat Poison Pointers

Baking soda for mice control is the one to use when they live in your attic.

Do not poison mice with chemical compounds like rodenticides for control. Do it instead with baking soda.

These rodents are little beasts that come inside your home. You may find them everywhere including the kitchen where you store food. That is why they are mice control targets.

Mice are little beasts that skitter around. You may not see them in your attic. But they are there nonetheless!

It is better to kill mice off with mouse traps like snap or live traps than baking soda. That is why mice control is critical to use when they keep coming back to your property.

These rodenticides are guidance you can use for mice who come back despite your best efforts. You must always track mice numbers when control requires them for this reason.

Baking soda as mice poison provides long-lasting results. They have to eat it for mice control to take effect.

Mice who come back despite your control efforts are what you see. Many mice owners always want mice control guidance when they keep coming back to their property!

No mice can eat the bait when they are living in your attic. That is why mice control is necessary to use as a poison that works well with mice who live up there.

Baking soda is one of the most effective ways to kill mice and rats. It works by producing gas in their bellies. They cannot pass through burping or farting. It finishes off these pests painfully!

What to Do If The Problem Gets Worse

While baking soda can be an effective and natural way to control mice and rats in your home, it is important to use it strategically and alongside other control methods. Despite its advantages, there are also limitations and potential downsides to using baking soda as a poison bait.

If you have tried all the options and still cannot get rid of the pests or if the situation gets worse, it is best to contact a professional NYC pest control service like Biotech Termite & Pest Control. We have the expertise and tools to safely and effectively eliminate the rodents from your home and prevent future infestations. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need it.