Best Steamers for Bed Bugs [How To Do It]

Best Steamers for Bed Bugs [How To Do It]

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Remember that steam also kills eggs. It is important to kill them while steaming your mattress. Here, you will find the best steamers for bed bugs. 

Heat Treatment for Exterminating Bed Bugs

Do you think steam kills bed bugs? No. The best way to kill them is by heat treatment.

Steamers are best for killing their eggs, not the adult ones. High temperatures are necessary for killing adults. You can use a steamer to kill some of them on contact. It is time-consuming compared to heating your home. This is with items like hot shot bed bug heaters or other heat treatment methods. These can kill infestations in one day or less depending on how severe they are. 

Prior use of steamers means not to buy any cheap product. It can break down soon after using once or twice. Always go for the best features and durability while choosing the best steamers for bed bugs.

What to Look for in a Steamer for Bed Bugs

When you are new to using a steamer for bed bugs, below are many factors to consider:

Heat Output

This decides how hot the steam is. You can determine this by knowing that the best temperature for killing bed bugs is 135 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The best steamers for bed bugs can go up to this temperature ideally. Higher temperatures are not a problem as long as the mattress is made of materials that do not melt at those high temperatures.

Steam Pressure

It is the best gauge of how well a steamer for bed bugs does its duty. Since they are in cracks and crevices mostly, you need to blast them off from those areas! Steamers with high pressure help you remove them away more efficiently rather than pull them out. This makes it one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs fast and effectively even on larger infestations.


Choose the best steamers for bed bugs that are not only to kill them but also the best in capacity. You need a model which can handle all your needs well without wearing out too soon. Heating up quickly also cools down fast! This means you cannot use it many times to kill bed bugs.

You have to wait for half an hour or more to heat back up. Try getting the best steam cleaners with larger water tanks if possible. These save time and effort while treating your home for infestations of bed bugs.

Steam Adjustment

This is best when you want to set the steam pressure for the best steamer for bed bugs. An adjustable style lets you choose models with more than one setting. You can kill them in many places they are hiding in. Just make sure it is best for killing eggs and adult bed bugs. 

Heating Time

Consider it crucial when you are getting the best steamers for bed bugs. You need to take into account that heating time varies from one model to another depending on how well it heats up. It should heat in the best way to kill bed bugs without too much waiting. 


In addition to the best steamers for bed bugs, you should also consider the ease of use and best attachments. It might seem crazy to spend on a steamer! But it is best than buying pesticide sprays and other items that can harm your family and pets. You need the best model with superb attachments.  

Where Can I Pick Up Bed Bugs?

You can easily pick up bed bugs anywhere. They are best in their habitat but they also need you to survive. While it is best to check with family members and pets, you should also assume that you might have picked them up ‘a place’ or from a ‘place’. These include public transport or any other crowded areas where there is a high risk of infestation.

Does a Bed Steamer Work?

The best bed steamer can kill bed bugs once on contact. You have to wait for a few hours to ensure that they are all dead. Set the steam pressure high on your model and let it work its best! Attachments also help you reach more areas where they hide.

Reasons Why You Need a Bed Bug Steamer?

You can place them under control with bed bug heaters. Killing bed bugs fast lets you sleep better. Likewise, you use an efficient method to clean your home. This makes it best for killing them without causing harm or lasting damage to your surrounding.

Steaming is best in killing bed bugs! It also reduces the risk of chemicals when used against pests like these. You have to wait for a day or two after treatment before you vacuum or spray anything else in your house. It is best for large infestations where their bites affect many people badly due to allergies and other reactions.

How To Use a Bed Bug Steamer?

You can use a bed bug steamer in different areas of your home. Make sure that the best model has attachments that help you clean in all areas. This includes furniture but also cracks and crevices in floors, walls, ceilings, carpets, cabinets, and so on.  

When using it against the best steam cleaners for bed bugs, start at one level then move onto others after an hour or two. Vacuum after steaming if possible. Make sure not to touch anything before it dries completely. Otherwise, there are chances of transferring them back into areas where you removed them.

Keep the above facts in mind when you are getting the best steamers for bed bugs to kill them. Steamers kill best on contact so use them for killing eggs and also most of the adult bugs. Now you know all about the best steamers to exterminate bed bugs and how to kill these pests using heat treatment.