6 Benefits of Using Cryonite Freezing for Pest Control

6 Benefits of Using Cryonite Freezing for Pest Control

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How Does Cryonite Work

Cryonite is a natural green pest control method that uses a safe, environmentally-friendly compound to eliminate rodents and insects. When it gets into contact with these pests, the temperature drops extremely quickly, and they die from asphyxiation. This freezing pest control benefits you by eliminating any dead pests from your home or business within three to five minutes of contact!

What Is Cryonite Made Of?

The benefits of Cryonite’s freezing are clear when you find out the components of this compound. It contains CO2, which is commonly used to carbonate beverages and paintball gun propellants. This product does not use harmful chemicals. But instead relies on a renewable resource that has a low environmental impact.

Why You Should Pick Cryonite

Gain new knowledge about six reasons for choosing Cryonite for your pest control. Here they are:

Safe to Use

Cryonite benefits mean that you can safely use this product around kids, pets, plants, and the environment. CO2 breaks down quickly into oxygen molecules within about six months after release.

When you choose Cryonite’s freezing, expect no chemical waste left behind in your walls or floors. Rest assured that the benefits of using it are safe for your family, plants, and animals.

It is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs without disrupting your business or leaving home. The Cryonite treatment works by freezing the insects. They cannot bite anyone else, which makes them perfect for treating mattresses as well as furniture. There are no harmful pesticides in its production process.

The advantages mean that you can safely apply it without fear of harming your family or pets. Simply put it where pests are likely to hide, like tables and the floor. Then the benefits of using it begin working within seconds! 

Flushing Effect

Bed bugs congregate around warm-blooded animals. When you have a bed bug infestation and want it completely gone for good, Cryonite is an effective way of flushing them out!

The last step in your process after applying CO2 must be reapplication. This will help kill any pests flushed from hiding places into open areas where they are more visible. Just remember not to leave anything behind!

Insects and rodents cannot detect the benefits of Cryonite. The pros of using its freezing pest control include a ‘flush effect’ that ensures they will not avoid its use. This means you can choose to destroy a whole colony without fear of escape or protest. 

No Residue

One of the advantages is no need to worry about any messy residue left behind in your home or business after use. This means you do not need to block off access to rooms while it is working its magic on pests like bed bugs!

The method includes freezing the infestation, which a professional pest control service can do. This is on any material including electric devices like PowerPoints or computers and even when they are sitting right next door. Insects are becoming increasingly resistant to chemical treatments.

This problem will only escalate in years ahead without alternatives soon. One such alternative solution is by using CO2-powered refrigerants instead. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your home is also environmentally friendly. Likewise, you achieve an effective nonchemical treatment against bed bugs.

Cleaning Effect

Cryonite benefits mean that it has a cleaning effect against all pests! For example, you can eliminate them and their eggs in carpets and on woodwork. This is without causing damage to the surface of your floors and walls.

Think of the pros like eliminating any infestation while simultaneously preserving hardwood or tile flooring. You can also avoid using harsh chemicals that might strip away its finish.

It is best to vacuum areas with pest activity and dust which cleans the area. The freezing effect from it can also result in encrusted debris, soil, or grease that loosens up for easy removal. You must know how hard it is before using this product. This is especially with any liquids because they will just solidify into balls.

These need careful handling when cleaning out your drains later on down the line. To avoid having problems, try vacuuming right after applying some jet nozzles onto lances. They have ample time to work their magic while simultaneously removing anything unwanted caught beneath your floorboards.

Better Than Heat Treatment

Heat is the standard method for treating pest infestations. Unfortunately, the benefits of Cryonite are far superior to this method! It does not kill anything, but only forces pests into hiding places.

Its benefits include keeping them out of your sight for good! This means you know they will stay away after using it successfully with overwhelming effectiveness. As a result, they can no longer enter your home or business via any cracks.

This is also without the risk of making any opening bigger after heating your property. There are benefits that one day you might discover some expanded openings. These were during past attempts with heat treatment. You may need to call in an expert to help fill them with cement when this happens again.


Another great benefit of Cryonite is eliminating other pests as well. This eco-friendly pest control is advantageous for your home or business. It draws all unwanted insects and rodents away from your place. Get rid of cockroaches, ants, moths, bees, wasps, fleas, flies, stink bugs, silverfish, bed bugs, crickets, spiders, and mosquitoes.

People with asthma or allergies can benefit from Cryonite. It keeps their homes free of dust mites, pollen, and other triggers for these conditions. Anyone with respiratory issues can breathe easier after using this natural green pest control method.

Utilizing Cryonite To Eradicate Bed Bug Infestations

The benefits of Cryonite are limitless! The power of CO2 gives you a powerful nonchemical treatment against bed bugs. This is what people with respiratory issues and asthma can benefit from the most!

This method includes the combination of CO2, argon gas, and nitrogen to create dry ice. They all produce a more potent freezing effect than any refrigerants currently on the market today.

Why wait for incredible weather to arrive? Get rid of those pests now with benefits like these! Biotech Termite & Pest control offers Cryonite Freezing Treatment.