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High heat treatment has been proven successful in killing pest infestations! It has recently become an accepted treatment for termite control. These are advanced high heat units to treat entire structures. But there are also units designed for simpler duties. Examples are coils, mats, and blocks.

The days of fumigation are over! Today’s high-tech heating units do not release toxic fumes, chemicals, or change the environment. They harness the power of thermal energy which liberates when certain chemicals switch from solid to the gas state.

This is with heating well above normal temperatures. It allows them not only to kill termites inside structures. But also eliminates future infestation by preventing the hatching and emergence of subsequent generations.

What is Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

High heat treatment for bed bug control is an environmentally safe solution. It works without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or toxic fumigants. Instead, it uses elevated temperatures to kill bed bugs.

Heat can kill all stages of bed bug life in just one hour up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit or 57 degrees Celsius. An extreme level of heat with a long exposure time is most effective for killing eggs and these bugs at lower temperatures. Insufficient heat levels render it ineffective against termites that require severe levels of heat.

This means potential multiple treatments when it is only high heat. For this reason, the best practice calls for the combined use of this treatment with its associated products.

How Bed Bug Treatment Works

Bed bug heat treatment is a process that uses high heat to kill pests. It consists of units that treat an entire structure. These produce elevated temperatures for a duration of time which eliminates the infestation.

This method becomes successful in sealing off all entry points. No living creatures can escape from it or go back in once killed. There is the application of heat throughout the property and held at high levels. Prevent damage through too much direct contact with objects inside the structure.

Pest control high heat treatment uses high density and hot temperature. The persistence of elevated temperatures for an extended period is necessary for its success!

This makes the elimination of pests possible in all stages of their development. Insufficient heat leaves some parasites alive while sufficiently high levels will kill them quickly!

Use bed bug high heat treatment combined with certain products such as insect growth regulator (IGR). IGR disrupts the life cycle of new generations that otherwise emerge from protected eggs. This way, remove the entire population completely and treat it permanently.

How Long Does Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Take?

Heat treatment for bed bug control takes at least three hours to destroy all stages of these parasites. It typically takes four hours for high heat treatment.

Professionals spend the first hour heating the entire area. More time goes into maintaining high levels of temperatures throughout. This renders it effective against insects in walls, furniture, and other parts of the structure. Eliminate even those hiding behind pictures or outlets by exposing them to elevated and sustained temperatures.

Bed bug high heat treatment also breaks down the glue-like substance that holds their eggs together. These make removal easier through vacuuming once killed. Seal contaminated items before disposal into garbage sacks to prevent re-infestation after the completion of high heat treatment.

Will Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Damage Your Home And Belongings?

Heat treatment for bed bug control does not damage household items. Even high heat units work at extremely hot temperatures. These pests and eggs die very quickly!

However, these units make some objects like clothes unwearable. That is until after washing and drying at elevated temperatures. This concern about the treatment potentially damaging your belongings recommends you call the professionals to do it correctly.

Bed bug high heat treatment also does not damage your electrical systems. It even takes hot temperatures to destroy these disgusting parasites.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you want this type of treatment. The first is that it needs an appropriate temperature ranging from 120-150 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your home free of anything that might melt or catch fire due to its high heat output. There is also no need for electricity while waiting around without any interruption. Unplug all cords before starting.

Reasons to Use Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Enlighten yourself with three reasons for choosing to eliminate bed bugs with heat treatment.

Follow-Ups Not Required

Heat treatment for bed bug control does not require any follow-ups. Perform high heat treatment for this pest to prevent future infestations.

This elimination process kills the entire population of these parasites throughout your home. Bed bugs die at elevated temperatures quickly and will not attempt to escape high heat units! The high density helps maintain extreme temperatures consistently enough to kill them all off.

It also gets rid of eggs that will otherwise hatch later on. That is when exposed only to cold or low temperatures over time. This way, you do not need any follow-up treatments with these pests already eliminated.

Bed Bugs are Not Resistant to Heat

Heat is a common treatment for bed bug control. These pests are not resistant to elevated heat at all. They die very quickly from it! Killing them is on contact without warning.

Eliminating these parasites on contact removes the need for follow-up treatments. These will otherwise kill them gradually over time. In comparison, cold temperatures only drive them into walls and other areas to hide while surviving on stored body fats.

Ways To Apply Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

Apply high heat treatment in one of two ways: hire a professional or perform it yourself with special equipment. Professionals use high-density units designed specifically for this purpose. You can improvise using appliances with similar results.

Heat Penetrates The Entire Room

Use high heat to penetrate the entire room with elevated temperatures. This will kill bed bugs hiding all around walls, behind pictures, and in spaces too small for the human eye. The high density of the units ensures the penetration of extreme temperatures through these hard-to-reach spots.

The high densities are also important because they hold hot temperatures consistently enough for this treatment’s required length of time. Bed bugs die on contact with high levels above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Aim towards 150 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to assure you eliminate them.

So How Long Does High Heat Treatment Take?

The high heat treatment takes approximately 20 minutes at this temperature range for complete elimination. It can take up to an hour though depending on how big your area is and how many high heat units you use.

Can Bed Bugs Survive After Heat Treatment?

Bed bugs cannot survive high heat treatment. They die in contact with temperatures reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in high-density units. You can get rid of these pests immediately once you hit them with rising levels of high heat!

Elevated Temperature Treatment for Bed Bugs At A Glance

  • Kills bed bug infestations including their eggs on contact
  • No need for follow-up treatments to eliminate bed bugs gradually over time
  • Bed bugs cannot survive hot temperatures and die quickly on contact
  • Eliminates future infestations and prevents egg reproduction

Is it more effective than other methods?

The high-density design of high heat units means they deliver elevated temperatures to every corner of your room. They focus on the entire area where bed bugs reside including inside cracks and behind baseboards.

It does not need follow-up treatments with intense high heat eliminating these parasites. High heat alone kills them all to prevent future infestations.

Heat treatments are the only surefire way to get rid of bed bugs! Out of all cases, it can eradicate 95% of them with it alone. Even those pesky bugs have developed a resistant exterior skin called “cuticle”. When boiled for long enough, the pests become victims.

How Much Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost?

High heat treatments for bed bugs cost between $400 and $1,200. Professional high-density units are more expensive than amateur steamer models. You can also hire a pest control specialist to do it for you when high densities are beyond the budget.

Do not try to save money by buying high heat equipment and DIY treatments. Bed bugs cannot survive contact with elevated temperatures in either scenario. It will kill them in only one treatment!

What size of property you have will affect both the cost and time taken to exterminate bed bugs. Larger homes may require more heat extermination. This in turn leads to increased energy bills for heating purposes. How far pest professionals need to move their equipment is also a factor.

Why Choose Biotech Termite and Pest Control for Thermal Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

We use high heat to kill parasites quickly! It takes about 20 minutes for high densities to move through one room with rising levels of heat reaching every corner. We also have the industry’s leading high-density units for this purpose. Our designs are exclusive to us. You will not find competitors with the same equipment.

Biotech Termite and Pest Control is a leader in high heat treatment for bed bugs! We eliminate them immediately upon contact! Call us today at 1-888-227-8728. Email at info@biotechtermiteandpestcontrol.com.




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