21 Natural Ways to Prevent Ants from Entering Your House

21 Natural Ways to Prevent Ants from Entering Your House

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Ants are persistent creatures that can squeeze through small cracks and gaps. This is no matter how tightly you seal them. The natural remedies here will help you reduce the number of ants already inside. But keeping them out is easier said than done. Before anything else, you should seal any points of entry around windows, doors, or vents using weather stripping or silicone caulk.

Watch Out for Scout Ants

Scout ants are the ones that find food sources in your yard. They then lead worker ants back to the food source, which is usually sweet. The workers then start building a trail toward the food source. This is by laying pheromone trails on their way there. By blocking off scout ant pathways via natural means, you can at least hold back some of these worker ants before they even get to your house.

Always Clean Your Home

Ants are natural foragers. When they come across a food source, they usually take it back to the nest to feed the others. To starve ants from your home, you must clean everything meticulously and eliminate all food sources. Get rid of ants without killing them naturally. This is what you should do.

Starving them is the best natural method. Use natural cleaners that smell pleasant. But these are not too strong as they can attract other insects such as fruit flies. There are several natural ingredients that you can use as pesticides in your home. Rely on them to help prevent ant infestation in any way possible.

Sealed Stored Food

When storing natural food items like grain, nuts, or dried fruits, remember to seal the container tightly. Otherwise, ants will surely come running to your stored food!

It is natural for these foods to attract ants because they are sweet. But sealing them makes sure that all of them cannot get inside. This way of preventing ant infestation works great! Store these food items in airtight glass jars instead of plastic containers.

Repair or Seal Cracks

An ant can squeeze through a tiny crack or hole. These natural entry points offer them easy access to your house. They also come swarming in via the walls and windowsills. Make the entry points stay in good condition. This is why you must repel and seal all natural ways they use to get inside your home.

Remove Ant Trails

Ants communicate with each other by laying natural trails. Once they find the natural food sources inside your home, they leave behind pheromones as a signal to their friends. These signals stay strong for weeks. Leaving the trails attracts ants to keep coming to your house. This is no matter how tight you seal all entry points.

Deploy Ant Baits in Active Areas

The natural sweet bait for ants contains boric acid. They carry the natural toxin back to their nests and feed it to the others. Natural baits can help prevent infestation in catching them on time. Place ant traps along natural trails or wherever you spotted ants before. This is a natural method of catching them while they are still small in number.

Spray Ant Barrier

An ant natural barrier repellent acts as a pesticide. It has ingredients with properties that control pests. These can help reduce the population of ants on your property.

The active ingredient in this natural pesticide spray prevents ants from entering your home repeatedly by making them sick. This also works with other insects, especially those that spread harmful diseases to you. Examples are mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Diatomaceous earth (silicon dioxide)

To prevent an ant infestation, sprinkle diatomaceous earth at all possible natural entry points. You also put around these indoor areas: windowsills and doorframes. This is a natural powder that kills any insects that cross its path by dehydrating them. Continue doing so until you rid yourself of ants for good!

Glass Cleaner and Liquid Detergent

Liquid natural dish soap works as a pesticide. It kills ants due to its ingredients that suffocate them. Every natural cleaning solution or oil is also a pesticide. You can use it to clean your home. But make sure to avoid those with synthetic pesticides and fragrances. Natural insecticides for ant control are non-toxic and safe for all family members including pets.


Black pepper is a nonlethal and poison-free way to get rid of ants. Sprinkle it where you see them congregating and watch them scatter. Follow their trails back into wherever it was that brought them in at first. It is outside or near some food source. Put more on top so they do not come back for another round. The spice also works well around kitchens. Most people often leave these areas unattended when cooking.


Peppermint oil can make a powerful natural pesticide solution without harming children, pets, plant life, and other wildlife around you. The absence of chemicals in it makes an ideal way to go near your living area. Instead of spraying natural peppermint oil directly, create a spray bottle and fill it with natural water.

Mix the oil in the water until it turns green. This solution works as a pesticide for ants without having toxic chemicals involved.

Call its unique ingredient Mentha Piperita. The oil kills ants through suffocation because they cannot breathe when coming into contact with it. You can add it in water, add several drops in spray bottles, and create ant traps.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Lemon natural eucalyptus oil is safe to use against ants. Unlike peppermint oil though, it does not come from a sustainable plant source. It does not harm you and your pets making it ideal for indoor and outdoor areas.

Smell the pungent aroma that tells all insects to help themselves elsewhere. These natural ingredients are so powerful that you must mix them with water.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a natural pesticide for ants that you can use outside. Mix ingredients and place them in a bottle sprayer. This solution gives off a strong smell. Prevent ants from entering your home while killing the rest naturally.

Boiling Water

One natural way to get rid of ants is by killing them with boiling water. Pour it down their trails or wherever you saw them before. Use a pot, a saucepan, a teapot, or anything else that can hold the heated water. Wait until it boils and is ready for use.


Cornstarch powder works as an ant pest control by dehydrating them. It is non-toxic and does not harm your health or that of your pets. You can sprinkle it wherever you see ants invading repeatedly. It acts as a pesticide repellent to keep away these pests from food sources.

Cinnamon Essential Leaf Oil

Another natural oil that works as an ant pesticide is the cinnamon essential leaf. It can kill ants due to its pest-repelling qualities. These are not only safe for you but also for your pets and children. By nature, it is an effective pesticide even when diluted. Just add it to water to create a natural solution. Prevent ants from entering your house while killing them at the same time.

Neem Oil

Neem oil creates a natural pesticide solution to get rid of ants. It is effective for indoor and outdoor use. This can repel them from staying in your house. At the same time, kill any insects that already invaded it. Spray it to keep ants from returning. Put them to death immediately by spraying natural water mixed with a few drops of this tree extract.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds create a natural pesticide that you can use against ants. Put it on their trails and wherever you saw them before. You can also mix natural peppermint oil with them to make it smell pleasant.

This combination of natural ingredients is safe for plants, soil, and children. Keep ants away from your precious plants. Put this mixture around the area where they grow. It also works as an effective way to kill them all at once whenever needed.

Boric Acid

Boric acid creates a natural pesticide for ants. It can work as an effective repellent to prevent them from invading your house again. Put it on their trails or wherever they are coming from to create a natural solution. Kill them off instantly through ingestion!

It is safe for children, pets, and vegetables. You can use it indoors or outdoors without worrying about your health or that of your family members. However, keep it away from food sources to stop poisoning incidents involving ants in the future.


Another natural pesticide for ants is borax. It comes from mineral salts and works perfectly as an extract to keep ants away from your home! These ingredients can also make them dead instantly!

It does not harm you, children, or pets in proper use with water. You can utilize it indoors or outdoors. This is without worrying about its effects on the environment. On the other hand, choose one that is free from additives and chemicals.

If Nothing Works, Call an Ant Exterminator

When you have a serious ant infestation that natural pesticides cannot resolve, call Biotech Termite and Pest Control! They serve NYC, New Jersey, NYC, Connecticut, and the Long Island area.

These natural pesticides are effective against ants. However, it does not ensure that all of them will always work. Put those that do.