Natural Ways Of Eliminating Termites

16 Natural Ways Of Eliminating Termites

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16 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Read further to find plenty of natural methods for eliminating these insects from your house.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is an excellent natural agent to get rid of termites. You can mix it with water and spray it on the infected area. Leave it for two hours so that it can act on the insects. Then wash out the surface with hot water mixed with dish-washing liquid soap.

Diatomaceous Earth

It is a sedimentary rock that you can use as an antique pesticide for eliminating termites naturally. You can see diatoms in it that are tiny fossilized aquatic creatures. When termites consume it, their stomachs will rupture leading to death. However, do not put this remedy directly on your timber floors as it is too abrasive.

Neem Oil 

Neem oil is one of the best natural pesticides used widely. It is to get rid of termites from house plants and trees. The origin is the extract of Neem tree leaves and wood chips. As a natural pesticide, it acts as a repellent against termites and also reduces their population.

You need natural neem oil for eliminating these bugs effectively. Mix three tablespoons of neem oil in one gallon of water. Use this solution to clean any place where you see the presence of these bugs earlier. Put it on your wooden furniture, beams, or banisters.


Termites love sweet foods. You can use this natural habit of theirs to get rid of them easily. This way uses sugar and borax solution. Mix one cup of white sugar, four tablespoons of natural borax, and three cups of water in a container at room temperature.

Place it in the ground where you observed termite infestation earlier. Sugar will attract termites to consume it. Add natural borax to kill it while cleaning their body for food consumption.

Wet Cardboard

To eliminate the natural termite population from your property, you can use wet cardboard. This natural process of elimination takes about thirty days to show visible results. You will need wet cardboard pieces and plastic sheets to realize this remedy for termites.

Place these pieces under your bed and cupboard where there is a high risk of natural termite infestation. Put the plastic sheet on top. The natural moisture in the cardboard does not damage it. Keep changing the position after every six days. Wait until the elimination of all your infested households.

You can also put cotton balls soaked with soybean oil in different areas. This is, particularly below your kitchen shelf and cabinets. They do not contain harmful chemicals and give out a strong fragrance that keeps pests away.


This natural way of removing termites is perfect for places that are difficult to reach with commercial pesticides. It involves natural nematodes, which are microscopic natural organisms that feed on your body fluids of pests. These organisms work more effectively in humid conditions. It has a short life cycle of about six weeks. There is no need for regular replacement.

For this natural remedy, you will need plastic sheets, soil-grown with nematodes, soap solution mixed with water, spray bottles, and so on. Put the nematodes into the soil where you found termite infestation earlier. Spray natural soap solution on them once they start coming out from their holes. You can use natural soap solution mixed with water as well.


This natural remedy for termites works well on hardwood floors and natural furniture. Mix natural vinegar and natural dish-washing soap in equal parts to use it as a pesticide spray. It kills larvae developing inside these insects that cause damage to natural timber materials.

Soak cotton balls with vinegar and place them under your bed, cupboard, and so on where you see their presence actively. Natural dish-washing soap will help you clean any surface that termites previously infested.

Apply Beauveria Bassiana

This natural fungus is effective in eliminating natural termites. It has an antifungal property that helps to kill pests over time.  Observe the fast action without causing harm to you and your pets. Put Beauveria Bassiana on soil, where termite properties are present, or even inside natural buildings.

It comes in the form of granules that you need to mix with water. Give it a sprayable solution before applying it for natural termite extermination. The best part about it is the ability to work faster along with other remedies for termites.

Sun Exposure

Another natural method of eliminating termites is possible over time. But it is worth the wait. It works on any natural infestation without causing harm to you or your pets. Natural sunlight does not damage timber structures and furniture.

Collect debris like leaf litter and woodpiles around or under buildings for two weeks. Now, place them at different locations inside the house during the summer season for about one week. Repeat this process to ensure that all termites are dead by now.

Flood The Soil

Take away subterranean termites with this remedy that works best on natural soil. It includes sunlight, moisture, and outdoor temperature to kill pests over time.

Natural sunlight dries up all-natural termites in the surrounding areas. Moisture is beneficial for both adults and nymphs that develop inside or under timber structures. This is after they come into contact with flooding water. All of these factors work together to produce a huge impact on the natural population. Get rid of natural infestation effectively and safely.

Clove Oil

It is perfect for natural timber material that you want to get rid of. Mix clove oil with natural dish-washing liquid into a sprayable solution. This is before applying it to infected areas. It provides you with sweet flavor without harming your pets and children during the treatment process.

Garlic Oil

Do this natural remedy for termites that works best on natural wooden furniture and cabinets. Mix garlic oil with natural dish-washing liquid into a sprayable solution before applying it onto natural infestation. To get rid of pests effectively, make this solution more effective by mixing it with vinegar.

Mix equal parts of natural water and vinegar to prepare a pesticide spray. Use this mixture along with natural clove oil or garlic oil. It is an effective method of removing pests from your house.

Soapy Water

It acts as a natural termite treatment for furniture. Mix natural dish-washing liquid with water to prepare a pesticide spray. It is effective in taking pests away without causing harm to you or your pets. Spray the natural solution onto infestation regularly over time. Remove them completely from their natural habitat.

Canola Oil Trap

Natural oil acts as a termite pesticide to get rid of the infestation. It is effective in making pests go away over time. All you need to do is mix soapy water with canola oil in the ratio of 2:1. Apply this mixture inside buildings and other furniture to eliminate pests fast! It provides you with all-natural pesticide treatment.

Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the most common natural remedies used to get rid of termites. The basic idea behind this technique is to use it either as a fresh paste or dry powder. Apply directly on the infected area with the help of a paintbrush or basting syringe.

Another way is to spread it on some pieces of cardboard, box lids, or pieces of wood and place them near the termite nests. When they come out to feed on it, they will consume boric acid along with their food that eventually kills them.

Cayenne Pepper

This natural treatment of termites is great for natural wooden furniture and cabinets! Mix soapy water with cayenne pepper in the ratio of 2:1. Apply on infected areas using a spray bottle.

The natural pesticide not only acts as an effective removal technique. But also provides you with antifungal properties. You do not need to worry about applying it over surfaces where you want to keep ants away from your house. It keeps natural pests at bay while removing their natural habitat simultaneously.

DIY vs. Professional Termite Prevention

Natural termite treatment does not mean using natural pesticides. It involves a natural process to get rid of infestation over time. This includes natural sunlight, moisture, and outdoor temperature to kill pests naturally. These techniques are completely safe for your pets and children. At the same time, these protect the natural habitat.

You can do it yourself on small pieces of furniture or cabinets by applying natural pesticides regularly on affected areas. For larger items such as wooden building structures, it is best to call in pest control technicians from natural exterminator services. They have professional equipment to remove pests effectively without harming you or your family members during the removal process.

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