4 Things to Expect from an Exterminator Visit to Your NYC Business

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When you work hard to brand your business, you don’t want your professional image to be damaged by pests in the office. If you suspect that pests have found their way into your NYC business space, don’t delay in seeking help from an exterminator. Here is what you can expect from an exterminator visit.

Evidence of Pests

The last thing you want to hear from an employee or business guest is that they have spotted bugs or mouse droppings. You know that where there is one pest, there are more lurking where you cannot see them.

You might notice mouse droppings, which look like small black bits, in the kitchen or break room where people congregate to eat. Other physical signs of pests or bugs are small eggs and shed skin, tiny bits of fur, and marks on the floor or carpet. 

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Problems That Come From Pests

Pests carry any number of harmful organisms that can bring disease and sickness. When you see gnawing or bite marks on food that is left out or smell something that is musty with no obvious source, this can be pests. Not only are odd smells signs of pests in the office, but also gnawing marks on the walls or wood where they enter and leave could be signs. 

Pests can cause damage to your physical structure from their attempts to enter the office space, even gnawing through wires and tiny holes. You could inspect window frames and door frames for signs of pests creating a way to enter your business space. Left untreated, they can wreak havoc in your office space.

Why Do-It-Yourself Pest Care Doesn’t Work

Trying to take care of a pest problem in a business is rarely effective and is essentially throwing money down the drain. You run the risk of exposing employees to poorly applied chemicals that can cause respiratory problems for employees and potential burns to any employee who interacts with strong chemicals. And, finally, how do you know you are treating for the right pests or all of the kinds of pests that view your commercial property as your home?

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What You Can Expect from a Professional Exterminator 

When a trained, knowledgeable exterminator comes to your NYC business, there are specific expectations you should have for them. First, someone who is licensed by the state and trained according to industry standards should visit you. Ask to see evidence of licensing. 

Second, you should expect a people-safe approach to protect your employees and guests. If they are using a green approach, they will find the safest and most effective way to rid your office of pests and offer a proven method to keep them from returning. Third, preventive measures such as maintenance, inspection, monitoring, mechanical, and sanitary precautions are essential to keeping your NYC office pest-free. And lastly, you should expect assurance that they will return as many times as necessary to remedy your pest problems. 

The first step when you suspect something is happening in the cracks of your walls or in your floorboards is to confirm you have a problem and what it is. If you do indeed have a pest problem, the exterminator will quickly uncover it and come up with a solution. Be prepared for that first exterminator visit so that your questions and concerns will be promptly addressed.