3 Things to Look for in a Termite Extermination Company in Suffolk County, NY

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Investing in a property is an exciting and rewarding venture. But with older houses, you could end up with unexpected upkeep and maintenance that can become very overwhelming if not approached properly. Pest and insect penetrations can be a naturally occurring—and usually reoccurring—issue with ownership of your Suffolk County, NY, property and as such, it is imperative that you protect your investment accordingly. Termite infestation specifically is one of the most widespread problems in property damage and can be difficult to rid your home of it without expert treatment. Here are some things to look for in a termite extermination company.

Understanding the Problem

A termite is an insect that forages constantly. In a six-month span, a termite colony can consume an inch of a large slab of wood in half a year. There are several species of termites, and some of them can destroy a home at a faster pace than others. They will tunnel deep into wood, making it harder to penetrate their colonies. An colony can contain as much as 60,000 termites. If this sounds scary, it should! You’ll want to find a termite extermination company that can confirm whether your termite problem is current—it is possible to see damage in your basement, for example, that is from a past termite infestation but is no longer active.  

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Ask About the Process of Termite Extermination

As you look for a company to take care of your termite problem, you’ll want to know what methods it will use and the treatment’s effectiveness. Some companies stick to chemical treatments only, but there are alternatives that have proven to be superior and are not disruptive to the home or the people living in it. Bait stations are known for treating termites effectively, and can be an alternative to chemical treatments. 

Finding a reputable pest management professional that utilizes bait stations will ensure that the company you choose is educated in the area of termite extermination. Bait stations are installed on the exterior of your home, and will not interfere with your landscape or further harm the exterior architecture and foundation of your property investment. A reputable company will use a bait station that is eco-friendly and safe for your family and pets. Bait stations are designed to protect your family and investment from the entire colony of termites by exterminating them entirely. 

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Ask About a Warranty

It is crucial to work with a reputable termite extermination company that can offer you testimonials from prior experiences, while also being able to provide you with superior customer service by responding to your concerns, sharing their expertise and knowledge, and using their experience to rid your home of problem pests. The company should also be able to provide you with a customized proposal for a treatment plan that will work for your family’s lifestyle while ensuring that all documented treatment is inclusive of all pertinent concerns and issues. You may want to ask when you should look into making repairs to any affected wood. Lastly, and most importantly, there should be some assurance that the company will stand behind its work and come back if your home is not termite-free after treatment.