9 Signs That You Need Termite Extermination in Suffolk County, NY

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Damaged caused by a termite infestation could happen to any home. It’s a risk that is too real and too costly to be underestimated. So, homeowners must be vigilant about watching for signs that a termite extermination is warranted for their Suffolk County, NY, property. Unfortunately, much of the following signs of a problem indicate that the damage that has already occurred. That’s why regular inspections by professionals in the field are important. If you do notice any of these signs, contact a professional for treatment immediately.

Swarming at Springtime

While termites are always active, they are at their busiest during the spring. At this time of the year, you might even see swarms of them around your home. If you do, then it’s time to place a call for professional termite extermination in Suffolk County, NY.

Damp Areas Around Your Property

Whether you have had a recent leak or have a trouble spot involving water damage to your home, termites would love to set up residence in this location. For safety and accuracy’s sake, a professional inspection could be in order if that damp area isn’t going away.

Tunnels Near Your Foundation

When termites face an obstacle, they build tunnels to get to the wood they’d like to consume. The presence of these tell-tale tunnels is a sure indication of a termite infestation.

Hollow Sounds or Easily Poked Holes in Wood

The wood that makes up the walls and beams of your house could have internal damage, but it may not be immediately noticeable. Before you pick up a screwdriver and drive holes into the supportive aspects of your home, let a professional check out your property for any potential pests. They will know exactly where to look.

Soft or Damaged Floors

Floor damage can be due to many sources, but the main problems are usually water or termites. Since termites often follow water, if you have soft or spongy floors, schedule an inspection as soon as possible.


Cracks on Walls

While you might not be sure of the cause, cracks along walls are often due to termites. If the damage has reached this level, remediation of your termite problem is a necessary step.


Lines in the Ceilings

As with cracks on walls, ceiling cracks can also indicate termite issues. The roof might also play a role, so check for missing or damaged shingles as you book a termite inspection.


Sticking Windows or Altered Frames

The work of termites can alter the frame around windows, making them get stuck. However, swollen wood and a disturbed frame might cause this problem as well and should be on your short list of considerations. A sticking window should cause your antenna to be primed, so to speak, for termite signals.


Outside Damage

Trees, exterior structures, and external walls are all spots where you should check for the existence of termites, their homes, and their droppings.

Remember that termites are sneaky hiders and require expert finders. An annual termite inspection is an effective way to prevent disastrous infestations; however, if you see signs of termite damage or simply suspect that they could be a problem, be sure to contact professionals as soon as possible. Termite damage can occur quickly, and professional termite extermination in Suffolk County, NY is the only sure way to handle the problem.