The Best Way to Pick a Bed Bug Exterminator in Manhattan and Bronx NY Areas

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When you think you have bed bugs in your Manhattan and Bronx, NY, areas home, you want fast, effective removal; but picking the right bed bug exterminator can be confusing. These tips will help you choose the best bed bug exterminator to rid your home of those awful pests.

Free Consultation

When you think bed bugs have come home with you to infest your house, you need to be able to pick up the phone and talk to a live person ASAP. Pest control services are seeing a rise in bed bug problems, so they understand that you want help to remedy those bugs fast.

Striking while the bed bugs population is small can be critical to containing the infestation, so you need the reassurance that they will answer your call and assess the situation.

Quick Inspection

The only way a bed bug exterminator can tell whether you have bed bugs is to perform an inspection. Two things can be true about an inspection—first, you want it to happen quickly, and second, you want it to be discreet. There is no reason to alarm the neighbors if there are no bed bugs, and there is no reason to disturb them if there is because the right exterminator will rid your home of them efficiently and completely.

Bed Bug Dogs

The service with the bug-sniffing dogs is the one you want as these dogs love their job and have been well-trained for bed bug detection. They will sniff out the bugs whether they are in the mattress frame, behind wallpaper, in the cracks of the wall, behind baseboards, in floorboards—in any place that is too small for human detection.

Bed bug dogs can pinpoint bugs’ existence with 98% accuracy because their sense of smell is extraordinarily precise and better than a human nose. This includes finding the eggs and the smallest bugs.


Effective Treatment

The people-safe and pet-safe approach is the one you want when treating bed bugs. Your exterminator should find the safest and most effective treatment option using an environmentally safe solution. They need to target the pest for removal while keeping the inhabitants safe.


100% Guarantee and Follow-up

A trustworthy exterminator should offer a no-cost follow-up that guarantees success. They should provide additional treatments at no cost to you so that you can rest assured they will do their job of ridding your home of bed bugs once and for all.



Many exterminators do not offer a warranty for the work, which can cost you more money than you have already spent. When you find the bed bug exterminator that provides a warranty, this is like an insurance for you and your home against the bed bugs. A full one-year warranty means that if you are not 100% bed bug-free, they will return as many times as it takes to eliminate the pests, all at no charge to you.


Guaranteed Checklist

The Guaranteed Checklist means that the process is stress-free and preparation-free—you don’t have to leave your home for the treatment because it is safe for you and your furry friends. Licensed and trained professionals will assess your home for bed bugs and perform extermination that is guaranteed to remove all bed bugs.


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