4 Tips From a Pest Exterminator to Keep Your Apartment Pest-Free in Bronx and Queens NY Areas

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When you spot a bug or rodent in your Bronx and Queens, NY, area home, your first instinct might be to panic but calling a reputable pest exterminator can be the best course of action. Their tips for keeping your apartment pest-free can solve the problem and get your life back to normal.

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A skilled pest control service will first advise your to remove all food from your counters and floors by sealing it into airtight containers and putting away from easy access for mice and rats. These rodents require a small amount of food every day and this can come from your dog’s food that is sitting on the floor to cookies that are left out on the counter. Another recommendation will be to remove your garbage nightly to an exterior dumpster or other suitable refuse container so that it is not in your home. 

They will also assess the access points such as small cracks and crevices in the floors and corners of walls for rodents to enter. Sealing these spaces along with areas around pipes and windows can eliminate the ways that mice and rats enter your home. 


Bed Bugs

No one wants bed bugs but you might end up with them at some point and a pest exterminator is the best way to remove them from your home. Their first step will be to bring in the bed bug detection dogs to sniff out the bugs no matter where they are within the apartment—behind the wallpaper, in wall cracks, behind baseboards, in floorboards, and other places too tiny for a human to inspect.

Once the bugs have been located, they will treat them with safe, non-repellent chemicals and industrial-strength steam. To ensure 100% removal, they will even offer a no-cost follow-up visit for your peace of mind.


Ants and Other Small Pests 

When you see one ant or another small pest, you can probably count on there being more nearby. Effective control of these small pests can mean locating the source and eliminating the entire colony. Because ants can leave a trail for other ants and are active all year long, you need expert removal of the colony and queen. Identifying the type of ant or pest is the specialty of an expert pest control service as they know pest behavior and removal solutions. 


Tips From a Pest Control Exterminator

When searching for a pest control service to treat the pests in your home, a pest control exterminator offers these tips. Seek a pest control service with a 24 hour call center since pests don’t just appear during the daytime. You want a people-safe approach and a green solution that eliminates the pests but doesn’t harm people or the environment. 

Licensed and trained technicians should arrive to assess the problem and their priority should be to offer solutions quickly since you want those pests gone ASAP. A free phone quote is obligation-free to help you determine the right path of removal and you should never feel pressured to make a hasty decision.

These tips can help you find a proven, fast, effective pest control solution for your Bronx and Queens, NY, area apartment with a one year 100% warranty to bring you peace of mind and to get your life back.


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