Self-Appointed Mice Exterminator in NYC? Why You Should Opt for Professional Pest Control Instead

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The natural first thought when you suspect you have mice in your NYC home can be to find a Do It Yourself solution but, unfortunately, those rarely work long term as mice are smart and persistent. Here is why opting for a professional NYC pest control service can take care of your mice problem once and for all.

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Myths About Mice 

At the first sign of a pest in your home, you might be tempted to think that there is only one or two mice but most of the time, there are more hidden away. One myth about mice is that they are only active at night but the truth is that they move around your house more at night because there are fewer perceived threats.

Another myth is that if you have a cat, you won’t have mice. While cats can help to deter mice in your home, most house cats are well-fed and could ignore the mice which are attracted to the cat food that is readily available. 

It is also untrue that mice only invade homes that are unsanitary. While keeping food put away and cleaning your home can be positive, the reality is that mice can enter any home in their search for food and a nesting spot. 

Mouse Control

One of the most effective ways to control mice infestations can be to address the root of the problem. Because professional pest control experts have extensive training, they know where to start treating the problem right away. 

Pinpoint Spots of Entry: Mice can squeeze through the smallest of openings and so it can be critical to identify all of the possible entry points to mouse-proof your home. Sealing cracks in the walls, floors, even underneath the sinks where the pipes enter the wall can be essential to keeping mice out of your house. Because mice can gnaw through so many sealants, it can be important to use something like caulking that cannot be penetrated and firm sweeps on entry doors.

Locate the Nests: Mice can nest in many places such as an unused drawer, within walls, ceilings, and cluttered spaces. They generally locate nests close to a food source which can be why you hear them around the kitchen so often. They will also choose a space that is warm and secure from predators. 

Education on Preventing Returns: A professional mouse control service can educate you on the best ways to prevent reinfestation. Once they have sealed the entry spots, they will use pesticide-free rodent removal methods to eliminate the existing mice. They can also instruct in the benefits of keeping food put away in sealed containers.

Having mice in your NYC home can be an unsettling feeling and this is why you should trust a professional to remedy the infestation and prevent it from occurring again. Finding an NYC rodent removal specialist with over 25 years of experience can be what you need to handle this problem in a speedy and effective way.


They understand the stress you feel from having mice in your home and will do a free inspection before recommending a solution. With safe, effective, and environmentally safe methods, the mice won’t stand a chance against their results which are guaranteed to work or they will return at no charge.


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