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When you suspect that your Manhattan and Queens, NY, area home could have pests, it is common to feel that there is no time to wait for treatment, however, you could also be worried about the actual treatment method and how it will affect your children and pets. Locating a pest control service in Manhattan, NY, and Queens, NY that cares about your concerns can be difficult but these tips can help you know what to expect.

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Types of Pests

Ants: Identifying the species of ant can be pivotal to the treatment chosen. For instance, a regular ant enters your home in search of food whereas a carpenter ant burrows through the wood to create nests. The pest control specialist must locate the nest which can be hidden deep in the walls of your house. Since the nests are complex structures, they can be difficult to find, requiring the latest technology to pinpoint the location.

Mice: The first sign of mice can be the small droppings which can look like small pieces of dirt that you notice. They look like tiny black pellets that you find under sinks, on counters and in drawers near food. You might also notice gnaw marks on baseboards, wires, and cabinets which can be another indication of mice. Amazingly, if you have  dog, dogs can sense mice and could stare at the location where they sense these pests.

Roaches: Roaches come in search of food so a bowl of candy or leftover dog food can be a full meal to them. When you leave food on the counter after meals, this can be an open invitation to roaches. In addition, they can hide in piles of clothes and stacked boxes and books. 

Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are those tiny pests that can inhabit your mattress and bed frame, hide in cracks and crevices of the baseboards, and even make a home in an electrical outlet. They come out at night to feed on your arms and shoulders and then you awaken in the morning with small bites. 


How to Choose a Pest Control Service

24 Hour Call Center: Pests don’t just cause problems in the daytime and you need access to help 24 hours per day.

Licensed and Trained Technicians: Pest control is a serious business and you need a technician who knows how to locate the pests quickly and how to apply the solution without delay. 

Immediate Remediation: You want results ASAP and also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Green Solutions: Environmentally safe treatment and people and pet friendly solutions means that you don’t have to worry about health of those you love. 

People and Pet Safe Approach: As part of this approach, your pest control specialist should find the safest, most effective way to treat your pest problem and work with you to prevent any pests from returning. 

Free Inspection: A free inspection means that if there are no pests to be treated, you pay nothing. Very few things in life are free but the pest inspection is!


Pest control should not have to be strong to kill the unwanted critters. Protecting your family and pets should be something that you don’t sacrifice when removing pests from your Manhattan and Queens, NY, area home. Trust the pest control experts in Queens and Manhattan who can rid your home of these unwanted creatures while keeping everyone there safe.


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