3 Reasons Your Rodent Control Is Failing in Bronx and Manhattan NY Areas

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When your Bronx, NY, and Manhattan, NY, areas rodent control methods are not working like they used to, you probably need a fresh approach. Here are some reasons why you could need different techniques.

Reasons Why You Could Have Rodents

There are many reasons why you have rodents in your home but the following seem to be the most compelling. 

Food and Water: Rodents are like any other animal—they seek food and water wherever they can find it. Unfortunately, this can be in your home where you leave food on the counters, open containers in the pantry, and garbage overflowing in the pail. Anytime rodents can find easy food, they will set up there for as long as it is available. Even your pets’ bowls are fair game for rodents for food and drink sources.

Shelter: When the weather turns cold, the rodents will seek shelter and the number can increase. While there may be some rodents within your walls, they will most likely increase when the colder seasons arrive. Because they can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces and cracks in the wall, through gaps in windows, and can chew through wood, they can make their way into your home through any means. 

Other Homes Nearby: If you live in a multi-family dwelling, the rodents can move from one location to another easily by scurrying under the door, moving through the walls, and hiding in exterior storage spaces. 



Signs You Need New Rodent Control

If you are trying to handle the rodents with a DIY method or a professional method that is no longer working, these signs can indicate that you need a fresh approach to rodent control.

When you see droppings that are tiny oval-shaped black specks, this can indicate the presence of rodents. Another indication can be evidence of gnawing on the baseboards and window sill along with tracks (pro tip: if you want to find tracks, sprinkle some flour or baking soda near the spaces you suspect rodents and the tracks can show up well). 

Scratching sounds coming from the walls can indicate the presence of rodents as well as pets who care behaving unusually because they can sense the rodents. 



No Rodent Left Behind Care

A fresh approach to rodent detection and removal should look like the following

24 Hour Call Center: When you have rodents, the realization does not always occur during the daytime and you need to have access to help no matter the time of day.

Licensed and Trained Technicians: Licensing means that a business has been recognized by the state and this can give you assurance that they are reputable. Training can be essential to your pest control service as you want an effective solution quickly to remove the rodent problems.

People Safe Approach: Your pest control company should put people and pets above all else when choosing a resolution to your rodent problem. Using a green solution whenever possible and focusing on preventing future infestations should be a priority for them. 

Guaranteed Solutions: Your pest control service should offer a one year guarantee for treatment so that if you are not happy with the outcome and are not pest-free, they will return at no charge to remedy the problem for good.



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