Finding the Right Exterminator to Handle Your Commercial Pest Control in NYC

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From DIY to every NYC pest control exterminator under the sun, there are so many options for commercial pest control that it can be hard to know which one to use for your NYC space. Here are some important tips for finding the right commercial pest exterminator to handle your pest problems. 

Critical Services 

24 Hour Call Center: We all know that pests rarely show themselves only during the day so a 24 hour a day call center can be key to ensuring that you get service as quickly as possible. When you put in the call, your commercial pest control service will be there the next day ready to eliminate the problem.

Licensed Technicians: Training and licensing are critical to a successful eradication of pests in your commercial location. The certification and licensing can be an assurance to you that the people they send to deal with your pests know what they are doing and have the right solutions. 

People-Safe Approach: When you are responsible for so many people, one of your first thoughts is most likely keeping them safe from pests and also from any harmful treatments. Your pest technician should work to find the safest treatment option to remove the pests and work with you to establish preventative measures for reinfestation.

Environmentally Friendly: Pests can become immune to chemicals over time but they cannot become immune to a green solution. Using the service that has the green solution can mean that you won’t have to worry that the pests will not be killed once and for all. 

Guaranteed Results: A warranty that guarantees free service if you are not 100% satisfied with your pest removal service can bring peace of mind for you and those who work in your facility. A company can only offer this extraordinary warranty when their methods are tried and proven, effective and fast, and safe for people. 


Broad Experience 

Since no two industries are exactly the same, it can be important to find a commercial pest control service with diverse experience in many industries. 

Restaurants:  When you are feeding people, the last thing you want is visible pests. Even one pest can ruin a customer’s positive experience so you need a zero-tolerance policy for pest sightings. Your pest control service should partner with you to ensure you meet the stringent health audits regarding food prep, storage, and service areas.

Lodging and Hospitality: Making sure that your guests are comfortable and experience an excellent stay is the goal for lodging and hospitality and pests don’t mix with this goal in any way. Your pest service should help you keep your locations 100% free of bed bugs, rodents, and other pests. 

Healthcare Facilities: Caring for patients should never be complicated by pest problems. When your pest control service values fast response times, expertise, professionalism, and guaranteed results, your healthcare job will stay focused on what you are there for—to keep people healthy.

Property Management: A given for leasing properties is that tenants should be comfortable and safe in their homes without having to worry about pests. Your pest control should serve those pests an eviction notice to protect people and their pets in a people-safe approach to pest control. Eliminating the points of entry can be key to keeping them out for the long haul.


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