5 Pest Control Tips You Need to Know For the Spring in Queens and Bronx, NY

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With the welcome return of spring and warmer weather, there are also some less-welcomed pests that can find their way into your Queens NY and Bronx, NY, home and yard. These pest control tips can keep those pesky creatures from causing problems for you.


As the warmer weather begins to replace the cold weather, termites emerge from their homes deep in the ground to start breeding and setting up colonies. The early spring can be an ideal time for a termite inspection as their mud tubes and can be evident as can the wood that they eat in and around your home. Damaged wood can be a strong indicator that you have a termite problem that needs immediate attention. 



The warm weather is commonly known as rodent season since the warmer temperatures bring out the rodents which are ready to begin breeding. Mice and rats can seem to breed non-stop during the warm weather, producing many babies. They move from the inside of homes and other warm spaces to the outside where there is more food and this can be the best time to have your pest control expert check for evidence of rodents and take the precautions to prevent them from entering your home ever again. This can include locating and sealing cracks that make the inside of your home accessible, chewed wires, and using deterrents such as repellants to prevent future infestations. 



Once more the warmer spring weather can be when you experience trouble with ants. As they search for food, ants can come into your home through the smallest cracks to infest your pantry as they locate open bags and other available food sources. Once one ant finds food, there can be an entire line of them coming and going from the food source, meaning that you can have an exceedingly difficult time stopping them. Your pest control specialist can seal the cracks and crevices that give the ants access to your home as well as eliminate the nests where the ants live. 



Roaches are never a welcome house guest and seeing even one can cause great alarm. Like other pests, roaches will come into your home in search of food which they can find in open containers on the counter, in the pantry, and in over-spilling garbage. Leaving takeout food boxes on the counter or the floor can be a perfect place for roaches to migrate. Your pest control expert can advise on eliminating the roaches by removing piles of clothes, regularly taking out the garbage, and keeping leftover food sealed and out of accessibility. They can roach-proof your home to keep a repeat occurrence from happening, too. 


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can strike fear in any homeowner as they are equal opportunity infesters. They can arrive home with you on luggage, backpacks, shoes, and purses to live and thrive in your home. Because they have become immune to ordinary pesticides used to get rid of them, you need professional help in removing these bugs from your home. Their bed bug sniffing dogs can find the bugs in a matter of minutes to allow your pest control expert to focus treatment on the areas where they have settled, making it possible to eliminate them completely.


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