3 Signs to Watch Out For When You Think You Need Professional Pest Control and Rodent Control in NYC

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How will you know you need pest and rodent control for your NYC home? These are the signs that can signal a problem that needs an immediate solution.

Unfamiliar Sounds

You probably already know that it is not normal to hear scratching and rustling sounds in the walls of your home, signaling something is in there that should not be. This can mean that pests and rodents have invaded your home and made it their own. The first step to take is to call your NYC pest control service for help.

They will come in to assess what is living in your walls and ceiling by identifying access points. From there they will locate and eliminate the rodents and pests, seal the entry places, and set pet and people-safe traps for any outliers. They can also help you identify the practices that lead to rodents and pests infesting your walls so that you can eliminate them from your habits. 



Droppings are a sure sign that you have uninvited visitors in your home. Droppings are different for pests—roach droppings look like pepper dots on the floor while mice and rats look more like tiny, black pellets. Either way, you want these pests gone from your home and your pest control service specializes in their removal. 

They will look under the sinks, on counters, and near food sources for evidence of rodents. Rats can cause damage with small bite marks on the floor molding as they gnaw their way into the wall as well as you might see gnawed wires, too. 



If you start to see damage in your home such as gnawed wood, rugs edges that have been nibbled away, or wiring that has been chewed through, you need professional help ASAP. These and other signs can indicate a pest or rodent problem that will only get worse if left untreated. 

Termites can destroy the integrity of your walls and foundation while ants can find their way inside to locate the food in your pantry and return with all of their friends. Getting rid of both of these pests can be time-consuming and frustrating unless you enlist the help of your professional pest control service. 



Trying to rid your home of pests and rodents can be annoying especially when you are not certain exactly which pests or rodents that you have in your home. Your pest technician has the training and methods to get rid of these problems quickly and prevent them from returning. 

For ants and rodents, they will locate the source of the pest access and seal any points where they can enter. Their technology allows them to locate the source and kill the colony and remove the nest. For bed bugs, they have bug-sniffing dogs that can locate the bugs quickly so that they can use non-repellant chemicals and industrial-strength steam to kill those bugs on contact. 

Their termite bait system is installed outside the home and is eco-friendly and safe for your children and pets. Securely locked to block access, the bait is effective at killing termites. Perhaps best of all, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures your stays termite-free for a full year.


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