Pest Control Companies Suggest These 5 Ways an Exterminator Can Help Your Bed Bug Problem in Bronx, NY

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When you think you have bed bugs in your Bronx, NY, home, you don’t want to wait even one second to find a solution. These are the ways a pest control company suggests an exterminator can help your bed bug problem asap.

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Identify Those Bugs

You need to be sure that you know what bed bugs look like and how they behave to give your Bronx pest control expert an accurate description. Typically the size of an apple seed and brown-colored, bed bugs are most often found in the box springs or mattress of your bed.

Most of the time you know you have them because of the small, sometimes itchy bites they leave on your arms, legs, and shoulders as you sleep at night. These tiny bugs feed on human blood and can enter your home through a variety of ways. They can travel on backpacks, suitcases, purses, and on shoes to arrive at your home.

Contrary to what you might think, bed bugs are equal opportunity and can infest any home, anywhere, without regard to location or cleanliness. Over time they can move to other parts of your home such as the closet, crevices in baseboards and walls, and electrical outlets.

Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Free phone quotes: They will give you a free quote right over the phone to save you time and money. No salesman will show up at your door trying to convince you to use their service.

Inspection: An initial inspection can let your exterminator if you have bed bugs or some other pest issue. They will arrive at your home in a discreet manner with their bug-sniffing dogs who will find the bug locations quickly. Bed bugs can be too tiny for human eyes but they can’t escape the dogs’ noses.

Treatment: Your pest control service offers people-safe, greens solutions to bed bug problems. This means that you won’t have to leave your house or pack up your belongings for bed bug treatment since it is non-toxic.

Immediate solutions:  Bronx pest control exterminator is available 24/7 because bed bugs don’t just bother you at a specific time of the day. They are available on-call, with solutions that eliminate the bugs within a 72-hour timeframe and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Guaranteed results: With a one-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee, their goal is to rid your home of bed bugs once and for all. They will come back as many times as needed to ensure that you are bug-free.

White Glove Service

Your extermination service offers white glove attention which can give you complete peace of mind. This means that all of your clothes and furniture are free of bed bugs within 72 hours of treatment. Their technicians will make sure that everything is put back like it was and leave your home better than they found it as part of their bed bug service.

They can educate you on preventive measures to prevent bed bugs from returning to your home and set up a monitoring maintenance system to inspect your home for bugs on a regular basis. Between the bug-sniffing dogs and the green treatment, they have been solving bed bug problems for years.

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