How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs for Good in Manhattan and Queens, NY

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When bed bugs come to stay in your Manhattan and Queens, NY, home, the last thing you want is their consequences. Get rid of bed bugs for good with these tips from a professional exterminator.

Bed Bug Signs

Bed bugs are tiny insects about the size of an apple seed. Reddish brown in color, bed bugs can be found living in your mattress, box springs, clothing on the closet floor, and in the cracks and crevices of the floor molding.

Emerging at night, bed bugs feed on human blood by biting arms, shoulders, and legs while you sleep. Because their bite has an analgesic, you likely won’t feel it and will only know when you see the small welt from the bite. They are not dangerous but they are annoying and difficult to eliminate.

Exoskeletons: Bed bugs shed their skin (called an exoskeleton) and leave it behind on the edge of the box springs or mattress where they molt.

Tiny spots: You might find tiny spots on your mattress that can be either fecal matter from the bed bugs or little spots of blood from the bite. Either way, finding those little spots is not a reason for alarm but it is a sure indication that you need professional bed bug help.

Bites: The bites from bed bugs can be itchy and red, needing treatment from a doctor or pharmacy recommendation for how to handle the itchiness and prevent infection from scratching.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

When you want to get rid of bed bugs for good, you need a professional pest exterminator in Manhattan, NY with a proven method. Unfortunately, bed bugs can become immune to chemicals and pesticides, meaning that they are not completely effective. A non-chemical solution can be the answer.

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Inspection: When you have bed bugs, you need a thorough, fast, professional inspection to determine the extent of the problem. They will bring in the bed bug dogs that can locate those pests wherever they are—in the mattress, box springs, electrical outlets, or the molding.

Preparation for treatment: Your exterminator will pack up the items in the dresser and unpack them after treatment but your clothes and furniture can remain as they are during treatment.

Treatment: Once the bed bugs have been positively identified, your exterminator will bring in a people and pet-safe approach to remove all of those bugs from your home. They use a green solution that targets bed bugs so you don’t have to pack up your life and remove it from your home to have a successful outcome.

Licensed technicians: Their technicians are skilled at eliminating the bed bugs from your home. Licensed and trained, they will leave no bug behind.

Guaranteed: Your Manhattan or pest exterminator in Queens NY will guarantee that your home is bed bug free and you will be 100% satisfied or they will return for a second treatment at no charge to you. They can offer this guarantee because their method is proven, effective, and people-safe.

Expert advice: Part of their guarantee is giving you expert advice for how to keep bed bugs out of your home through preventive precautions.

Bed bugs are never welcome and you want them gone ASAP. With the services of a trained, professional exterminator in New York, you can rest easy at night knowing your home is free of bed bugs.