Is A K9 Bed Bug Inspection Right For You?

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Dogs can find bed bugs when they are specially trained to smell out the source and its eggs. These intelligent Canine Bed Bug Detectives will detect even small concentrations of these pesky pests with their keen sense of smell. So you do not need an expensive lab analysis or harmful pesticides. Observe how canine experts can make the unpleasant smell vanish.

Can Dogs Really Detect Bed Bugs?

Of course, K9s can smell out bed bugs. And once they do, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently they can clear away an infestation without using harsh chemicals or pesticides. When you think about it, K9s are built to find these insects. The nose of a dog is easily 2,000 times stronger than that of a human. This means that K9s can not only smell.

But also sift through thousands of odors together. Detection from K9 is extremely efficient and cost-effective when compared with other pest control methods such as chemical sprays and powders.

What Do Bed Bug Dogs Smell?

When K9s seek out bed bugs, they smell the insects’ exoskeletons. However, these also detect all life stages of this insect (eggs, larvae, and adults). K9s can smell a single bug or egg from as far away as 20 feet!

Bed Bug Sniffing Dog Breeds

K9s come in different breeds. For instance, Terriers are usually excellent for this task. Labrador Retrievers may also do well. However, it is important to note that the temperament of K9s should be stable, calm, and confident. The K9 handler should have enough experience so as not to pass his or her stress onto the dog.

5 Advantages Of Canine Bed Bug Inspections

This K9 inspection helps you find bed bugs in all phases of development. It has been very effective for homes, apartments, hotels, nursing homes, and even cruise ships. K9s are not only quick but also accurate in their detection work.

These sniffer dogs are non-toxic, safe for children, and pets. Breeding is in such a way that there is no threat to people or animals during inspections or in areas where there is already proof of an infestation. There is training to detect the actual insecticide called permethrin that pest control professionals use. K9s will leave no harmful residues behind on surfaces that could harm anyone who touches them later.

All life stages are detected

K9s can detect living versus dead bed bugs, which makes it easier for pest control professionals to plan treatment steps. These dogs are excellent at finding the source of an infestation. It is not only the treatment of a “hit and miss” area. They have been successfully used in over 1,000 K-9 Bed Bug Detection Teams worldwide in homes, hotels, prisons, and hospitals.

High Percentage of Accuracy

Based on experience, K9s are correct 95% of the time. The K9 inspection’s goal is to assist pest control professionals in detection work with their K-9 partners. These dogs are trained to smell for living, dead, or any stage of the bed bug life cycle, including eggs and cast skins. This process often leads to early detection before a full-blown infestation occurs.

Fast Inspection

If K9s find bed bugs, the K9 handler will mark the area and show it to a pest control specialist. The K-9 inspection team is there only to assist and not to do any of the actual treatment work. These professionals know how important it is for K-9s to have proper training and work as efficiently as possible in tight timeframes. Inspections usually take place during business hours for commercial purposes.

An Advantage for Hotels and Other Public Places

The K-9 inspection can serve hotels, restaurants, and public housing with excellent results. Dogs like them learn quickly where most of the activity occurs. They can also identify rooms with infestation.

Protect your image and reputation

A business that seeks K-9 inspections can help the owner identify and control bed bugs before any damage is done. K9s do not miss anything as compared to other types of inspections. They are great “canaries in the mine” for those nooks and crannies where bed bugs love to take hold of as their new home. These dogs can also serve as deterrents even when there is no active infestation. Bed bug sniffer dogs have been used around the world for beyond a decade now with excellent results. Its service is truly worth considering.

Early Detection – Reduced Cost of Treating Infestation

The K-9 inspection is cost-effective. At the same time, these dogs can find very small and much easier to control infestations. As compared to human inspectors, K-9s work at a faster pace and remain strong and alert throughout the inspection process. Inspections from them also mean treatment costs go down because professionals know exactly where to spray for bed bugs. Likewise, it is easier to determine the volume of insecticide for use in each area.

K9 Bed Bug Detection Teams use canine senses of smell, hearing, and touch to discover bed bugs. This includes their eggs or fecal matter in all stages of development hidden in the seams, pleats, and folds of the mattress.

Should You Hire a Bed Bug Sniffer Dog?

There are K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Teams that can come to your home or office any time of the day. This is an excellent option for those who cannot do their inspection work. In general, it requires entering the hidden and secluded areas where bed bugs love to stay at. K-9s have been known to detect even tiny infestations before they reach a full-blown problem status and become much more costly to control and treat.

Alternatives to Bed Bug Sniffer Dogs

There is a choice of hiring K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Teams or going through the K-9 inspection on your own. While K-9s are proven effective, they will cost you a fee for a one-time visit. Alternatives also exist that can help out in this regard. This includes using insecticide residual tape or glue boards to detect bugs. These methods do not require any special training from pest control professionals. Thus, do-it-yourself fixes are done without much success.

K9 inspections use the canine sense of smell and not the eyes. This is why these dogs can sniff out even tiny eggs hidden deep in the folds of mattresses and box springs when other detection methods fail to work properly.

Bed bug sniffing dogs are the best ways to keep your home and business free from pesky bugs. K9 Inspectors can tell you if it is safe for these pests. So talk to them today!