Bed Bug Dog Inspection & K9 Scent Detection in NYC, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey

K9 Scent Detection in NYC, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey

We have been an outstanding service in bed bugs extermination inspections spanning at least 30 years. Industry experts are calling the bed bug dog inspection in NYC, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey “a game-changer” when it comes to bed bugs detection. Why? Bed bug dogs can positively detect these bugs where humans cannot. These are right down to one-bed bug per 100 square inches.

If you think about that for just one minute – that is pretty amazing! Visualize two dogs with proper training using nothing but sniffing bed bugs. Observe how they sniff out their targets by moving their noses over each box. When they find bed bugs, the boxes light up with a green light and a beeping sound goes off.

Our bed bug dogs receive adequate training to “hunt bed bugs”. This is because bed bugs mostly live in the dark, warm crevices of your mattress, sofa, or other furniture until they want to disturb you at night. They need a hot body to sustain them. Bed bugs are usually only 5mm – 7mm long. This makes them difficult to find even with our highly skilled bed bug inspection experts.

When bed bug dogs inspect these bugs, it means there are also adults present. The good news about it being an infestation is that the bed bugs only require one person to feed on in a week.

Our Preparation Steps For Bed Bug Dog Inspection

We first “fluff” the room by turning over cushions and other items. This is to make sure that no other insects are hiding inside. The service team explains to you exactly what we found earlier as a possible infestation. When you decide that the inspection is inconclusive, we will come back at no additional charge to do another thorough inspection.

This is for bed bugs or any other pest that can accompany them like spiders, ants, and roaches. Expect free phone consultations the following day after the completion of your initial service. You can receive further preventative measures based on the results.

How Bed Bug Detection Works

Our bed bug dogs can use their keen sense of smell to detect these bugs and their feces. Bed bugs release pheromones which our dogs identify as a target odor. These bugs emit pheromones to let other bed bugs know that there is food around for them to eat. Our dog sniffs out the area where the bed bugs are hiding and associates it with the scent of this pheromone that creates a bed bug alert.  

The dogs can indicate bed bugs in crevices no larger than the size of a quarter. Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on human blood. They are mainly active at night or dusk when people are sleeping. Not only do they feed on humans, but they also live close to where people sleep. These include mattresses, baseboards, bed frames, and upholstery. Since they are so tiny, it is extremely difficult to locate bed bugs and their eggs. This is why our dogs are so helpful in bed bugs detection.

If you notice these bed bugs at your place, call us immediately for treatment and we will get rid of them right away! Our technicians can handle bed bugs extermination with 100% effectiveness guaranteed. Bed bug dog inspection in NYC, Long Island, CT & NJ provide trained dogs. These can detect bed bugs where humans cannot positively.

Bed bug dogs operate by using their keen sense of smell to discover these bugs in dark crevices and cracks throughout your home. Bed bug detection is generally a combination of trained dog inspection and thermal imaging.

Why Choose Biotech Termite & Pest Control?

We are bed bug experts. Bed bugs detection is our specialty. Our bed bug dogs can make a difference in bed bugs control and its infestations. Bed bug inspection with trained dogs is a closer look at the structure of your home to detect these bugs.          

Our bed bug dog inspections will save you time and money by finding what humans cannot see or hear. Do not bother using DIY pest control “remedies” that have never been proven as effective. Ineffective treatments often lead to costly additional treatments down the road.

As bed bugs continue to grow, not to mention the recurring costs of replacing all those bedding materials ruined from pests feeding on them at night while you sleep. Bed bugs are dangerous with the reputation of carrying diseases through the puncture wounds left behind from their bites.

Give us a call at Biotech Termite & Pest Control any time. We serve NYC, Long Island, CT & NJ for bed bug dogs inspection. We will treat you with respect and fairness throughout our service no matter what is infesting your home or business.  

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