An Exterminators Tips for Keeping Your Brooklyn, NY Apartment Bug Free

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 It is a seemingly simple concept; bugs, just like most forms of life, require the basic necessities to survive and thrive. That is: food, water, and shelter. Eliminate these from your apartment and you will maintain a bug free zone. Unfortunately, unless you eat out every single day, sanitize constantly and get your neighbors on board, this effort alone is not likely going to to do the trick. There are, however, some targeted tips for keeping your Brooklyn, NY apartment bug free.

Eliminating the Food Source

It may not be ideal to eat out every day, but there are some things to do that help decrease a bug’s food supply. These include keeping all food sealed. Make sure to clip bags closed, move items to proper storage containers, and remove any food droppings immediately. Keeping your cabinetry and the areas around appliances free from food debris, and frequently sanitized, will prevent bugs from nesting in those hard-to-reach areas. You should also remove food sources in bedrooms by keeping them free from wrappers and food. Remove any garbage in your bathroom bins frequently. Pick up leftover pet food, as well as their water source when possible. Keep the areas around showers dry and clean to prevent pooling water. Survey your apartment for leaking sinks, toilets and tubs to ensure that you are not offering bugs a convenient water source.

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Proper Pet Maintenance

What is the old adage? Being proactive is better than being reactive! This is especially true when keeping bugs at bay. If you have pets, be sure to keep up with their routine maintenance and flea control. This will not only prevent your beloved furry friends from becoming hosts for parasitic bugs but will also prevent them from causing an infestation. Animals can transport fleas, ticks, and mites, to name a few, and these are not bugs you want visiting your apartment. Remember to have pet bedding, carpets and draperies frequently cleaned.

Be on the Look Out

Keep the clutter to a minimum and avoid allowing personal items to pile up, especially in corners and along wall transitions. Bugs seek shelter in or underneath items that are left untouched. Don’t leave loose clothing on the floor to remove sources of shelter and prevent nesting. Check windows and doors to ensure that they close properly. Bugs can enter through the smallest cracks and openings. If you use screens, inspect them for holes and tears through which bugs may enter. 

Keep a consistent cleaning schedule to target the areas that may attract bugs. For example, under and around furniture, baseboards, in and around appliances, and closets. The more frequently areas without a food and water source are visited by a human presence, the less likely bugs will decide to stay.

Always check yourself and bags that are brought into your apartment, before entering. If you visit an area where bugs are likely to lurk, inspect your bags before bringing them into your apartment. This is extremely important when traveling, as you could find yourself the target of unwanted pests and be the one that invites them into your place of residence. Avoid purchasing furniture, bedding, mattresses, towels and household items second-hand unless you are absolutely certain where they came from.

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Exterminator Maintenance

Regardless of how thoroughly and consistently you execute preventative measures, when sharing walls with neighbors, you have no control over their lifestyles and pest control techniques. It is, therefore, recommended that a professional maintenance plan be put in place so that your apartment can be routinely inspected by a professional exterminator. Your exposure risk, specific location, and the frequency with which you experience infestations will determine your specific pest control maintenance plan.