How Commercial Pest Control Service Can Help Your Business Prepare for Health Inspections in NYC

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Every year, food-related businesses undergo an unannounced inspection from the NYC Department of Department to make sure that it is complying with safety guidelines. Regular commercial pest control service can help your NYC business prepare for that inspection and give you confidence that there are no pest problems that would keep your establishment from passing. 

The Purpose of a Health Inspection

The purpose of a health inspection is to ensure that all food workers know how to prepare and handle food safely to prevent food-related illnesses. Food establishment owners who regularly monitor sanitary practices and pest control are more likely to do well on inspections. 

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What Inspectors Look for in an Examination

Since hygienic food preparation and overall cleanliness impact the evaluation a business receives, health inspectors look for specific violations to food safety. Evidence of pests is a critical violation that can cause loss of time open and loss of income for your establishment, not to mention the damage to your business’s reputation.

One pest-related evidence that health inspectors search for is the presence of or droppings of rats or mice in the facility’s food and non-food areas. They will also be on the lookout for live roaches, especially in the dry food areas. Another type of pest focus on their radar is flies such as house flies, little house flies, bottle flies, blow flies, and flesh flies. Additionally, any refuse or sewage-related flies like fruit flies, drain flies, or phorid flies present a problem. Any live animals other than fish in a tank are unacceptable in the food and nonfood preparation areas. 

These inspections are conducted at grocery stores, restaurants, company cafeterias, mobile food units, butchers, fish markets, and food processing plants, among other food establishments. Because the fines can be harsh and negative findings can cause potential damage to a business’s reputation that is hard to overcome, it is prudent to have a regular contract with a professional pest control company in order to prevent pest and rodent problems.

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How a Pest Control Company Can Help

Your local pest control company understands that the sight of even one pest can ruin a dining experience for your guests, and that is why the company can be your best defense against pest-related problems. With extensive experience at controlling pests within the hospitality industry, the pest control company can apply proven methods that have low toxicity and won’t harm your facility or those who use it. 

Their totally integrated pest management process includes exclusion, inspection, chemical and mechanical control techniques. They will seal off cracks and crevices and holes in the walls, cabinets, and doors to prevent rodents, roaches, and any other pest from entering. 

Rodent-proof door sweeps on outside doors keep these pests from entering. As a second set of eyes on your business, they can help you identify the practices that draw these pests into your facility and assist you in the best practices to keep them out of your food and non-food preparation areas. 

With an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, your local pest control experts will solve your rodent problems so you can get back to living your life or running your business. To reduce the stress of an impending health inspection, contact them for a free inspection.