Removing Bees from Your New Jersey House with Professional Pest Control

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Noticing a bee here and there in your home is no big deal, but what if there are more than just one or two? Bees are like people in that they are looking for a warm, protected place to make a home—unfortunately, that could happen to be your New Jersey home. Bees won’t necessarily cause damage to your home when they are inside the walls, but getting rid of them when you don’t know what you’re doing could lead to big problems. Here is what you need to know about professional pest control to ensure that your bee issue is put to rest quickly.

Identify the Bee

A bee problem is not fun for anyone. It is more than just the pesky sound of buzzing. Bees tend to scare children (and some adults) and can cause serious problems if you have family members or guests who are allergic to the insect.

Three types of bees are commonly found around homes—the carpenter bee, the honey bee, and the bumblebee. Carpenter bees and bumblebees resemble one another, as each is a large bee with three yellow stripes. Carpenter bees burrow into wood to lay their eggs, and they usually do not stay in groups like a hive. Bumblebees make their homes in the ground, in an abandoned hole or in trees. They live in hives, but much smaller hives than honey bees. Honey bees live in very large hives in hollowed out trees or logs, and are smaller than the carpenter and bumblebee. Which bee is in your house determines the proper method of removal.

Removal Methods

Removing bees from a house can be a dangerous endeavor, so special care is required when locating and setting up for the removal of bees.

First, the hive needs to be located. Bees like the space between walls, as well as the cracks and corners of molding. If the source of where the bees are coming from is in fact walls, knocking on the walls can lead to a strong clue—the sound of buzzing.

If you have carpenter bees, which live in the holes they have drilled, one method used is to fill the holes with putty or caulk. This will trap the bees and smother them. They will not usually try to burrow out when the opening has been filled with caulking, nor will they be able to.

Professional Removal

The safest and most effective bee removal method is to enlist a professional pest control specialist. Equipped with the right tools, they can locate the nest whether it is inside or outside of your house. Frequently, the hive can be very large, and removing the bees without proper protection and training is risky. Trained to remove the hives wherever they find them, a pest removal specialist will eliminate the bee threat from your home swiftly and completely. Further, they can put preventative measures in place to keep the bees from ever returning to your house.

If you need a solution to bees that are wreaking havoc on your house, contact a bee removal expert for assistance. Experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience required to locate, identify, and remove any bees, inside and out, that are threatening the security and enjoyment of your New Jersey home.