Bed Bug Exterminator: How to Know When Bed Bugs Are Gone

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Unfortunately, it is a typical scenario: Long after a bed bug exterminator has visited a home, the homeowners still worry about bed bugs lingering in the cracks of their furniture and walls. Effective professional treatment should put such worries to rest, but it’s natural for the emotional stress of having a bed bug problem in your Suffolk County, NY, to stick around for a bit. So, how to stop worrying about bed bugs and know (and sigh in relief) when they are finally gone?  

Proper Treatment Makes a Difference

Professional, effective treatment will rid your home of the unwanted critters at once. In the rare instance that the bugs appear again, a reputable company will follow up with no extra charge to you, for an inspection and second treatment if it’s needed.

So, to eliminate the worry about seeing bed bugs again, you’ll want to use a reliable company that offers an extended warranty and high-quality treatments. The sooner the problem is noticed and addressed, the more your problem has been contained.

By selecting a company that guarantees you that until the bed bugs are not eliminated 100%, the professionals will return as many times as necessary, keeps you stress-free. Biotech Termite & Pest Control offers the best bed bug warranty in New York and New Jersey; it includes a second follow-up visit at no extra charge, and we even extend this offer into returning as many times as necessary, again at no additional cost..

Monitoring the Situation

After a treatment, you could take some measures to “control” the situation if you feel it’s necessary. This could entail installing mattress encasements on all of your mattresses and box springs in your home. This is beneficial for two main reasons: First, it protects your furniture from further infestation as it seals off entry for any future bugs, and second, it makes it easier for you to inspect the beds and look for any signs of an infestation.

Another way to monitor for signs of a returning infestation is by installing interceptor traps—traps designed to be placed under legs of chairs, beds, and sofas. If you see signs of infestation, your home may need another treatment.

The eradication of bed bugs depends on a couple of factors, including the size of the infestation, and the effectiveness and type of treatment that applied. Yes, it is true that the more you drag it out, the more complicated the problem becomes, but the effectiveness of the treatment also plays a huge role. At Biotech, we use the best, safest products to get the most optimal results. Our non-repellent treatment eliminates bed bugs without spreading them.

Professional Inspection

If the experience of having bed bugs has you staying awake at night, you can gain peace of mind by having regular professional inspections. Bed bugs can be hiding in small floor cracks, but they can’t escape bed bug detection dogs that are up to 98% accurate in determining the location of the insects.

Our team uses trained detection dogs to sniff out bed bugs and discover them even in the hardest-to-find locations. We use the safest, greenest, and friendliest approach to solving bed bug problems, plus our work is 100% guaranteed. Contact us today, and we will make sure your bed bug problem doesn’t prolong for months on end.