How to Prepare for Your Commercial Pest Control Visit in NYC

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Preparing your building for commercial pest control can ensure a smooth process and optimal results. Minimize surprises when the exterminators arrive, and before you know it, you’ll be pest-free. Here are a few ways to prepare for your next pest control visit in NYC:

Inform Your Staff

It is important to inform all employees of the upcoming pest control visit so that they can wrap up important tasks and secure their valued belongings in time. You may need to schedule your commercial pest control services during off-hours or perhaps have people work at home that day. A pest control visit has the potential to stress out employees who don’t know what to expect. Hold an informal meeting to let them know all of the preparation procedures and what they can expect from the visit. Having a pest control professional present to address any concerns can have a reassuring influence on your staff and ensure their continued productivity despite the necessary disruption of the visit.

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Seal or Remove Consumable Products

Consumables can be left in the building but may require additional packaging to protect them from the potential dispersion of any chemicals that need to be made during the pest control process. Food packaged in plastic resealable containers should be bagged to offer additional protection. The same rule applies for consumables packaged in foil, paper bags, and cardboard boxes. Products sealed in their original glass, metal, or plastic packaging may not require any extra protection—however, you do want to ensure that their seals are all still intact. If the protection of consumables seem like too much work, you can have them all removed from the premises before pest control begins. Also, before they begin their inspection and extermination, have your chosen pest control specialists check the state of your perishables to confirm that they are all adequately protected.

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Make Crucial Areas Easy to Access

Preparing your building to be accessed by pest control specialists will speed up the extermination process and aid their achievement of successful results. Keys to all locked areas, including cabinets, safes, and vehicles on the premises, should be handed over to the pest control specialists who will need to access them. If you are concerned about the safety of the valuables within your safes and vehicles, take a comprehensive inventory and check it afterward. You can also help your pest control company access the nooks and crannies of your building even faster by leaving cabinets, closets, and appliances wide open. Feel free to leave blinds and curtains open too, allowing for quick and easy access to your windows and window sills. Moving furniture away from the walls can also help the pest control specialists access skirting boards and power outlets where pests tend to congregate.

Take Note of Where Pests Have Been Spotted

While your pest control specialists know where the bugs and rodents hide, it’s helpful to share where you have seen them. Most pests are excellent at concealing themselves, and the occasional critter can be missed upon inspection. Listing areas where pests have been sighted will help to ensure that your pest control company doesn’t miss any areas of infestation or leave them untreated.