Commercial Pest Control for These 5 Common Pests in Suffolk County, NY Hotels

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The reputation of a hotel rests on the satisfaction of its visitors. An expensive hotel can garner a subpar status if too many guests rate the facility poorly, while a less expensive hotel can achieve a wonderful rating when its guests are treated well and experience the best service. One common factor that causes all hotel visitors to pledge not to stay at a facility again is pests. This is why proactive commercial pest control in Suffolk County, NY, is critical for eradicating all common hotel pests.

Bed Bugs

With the increase in travel, both stateside and abroad, the incidence of bed bugs has risen. Jumping easily and unnoticed from transportation to luggage and shoes and backpacks, bed bugs can survive for several weeks without feeding. Several factors make them one of the most difficult pests to control: They arrive with the guests themselves, they can move from room to room virtually unseen, and they take just five weeks to turn into adults.

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Flies are another pest that are difficult to control because they enter every time the doors and windows open. Many hotels offer cocktail hour outdoors, brunch outdoors, and cookies and coffee in the lobby. Any food will attract flies, so cleanup and removal of all leftovers is crucial to helping with fly control. Even food thrown away in the room wastebaskets is fair game for flies.


A nocturnal pest, cockroaches cause disgust in the strongest degree. They feed on rotting matter, pollute the environment, leave droppings that are a health hazard, and carry parasitic pathogens. And if you spot one cockroach, there are likely a lot more!


Ants are another pest that follow the food trail, so clearing away all leftover food is a must.

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Not only can rodents contaminate food and waste products, but they completely ruin a hotel guest’s experience. Rodents nibble on stored food, burrow into walls and corners, and gnaw through electrical wires and cables. They also carry diseases and transmit germs.

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Prevention Is Key

For the assurance you need to operate your Suffolk County, NY, hotel pest-free, choose a company that offers guaranteed pest control and superior customer service. Look for a company that will provide the following:

  • A thorough inspection of the entire premises, including the kitchen and storage rooms.

  • A warranty that guarantees a complete remedy to pest problems, even if it means repeat trips.

  • A bed bug solution that is safe for the guests of the hotel but effective enough to remove all of the bugs completely.

  • An integrated pest management system approach to pest control, with the goal of managing all of the pests using the best methods available.

  • Well-trained and licensed technicians who bring safe, effective solutions to your pest problems.

  • A 24-hour call center, because you know not all pest problems happen in the daylight—most are at night.

  • Extensive experience and long-standing business in the community.

Relentless commercial pest control is non-negotiable when operating a hotel. Even the sight of one pest can discourage a guest from visiting again. Add in how quickly information moves within social media, and you have the potential for a disaster.