Commercial Pest Control for the Hospitality Industry: Why It’s So Important

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Success in the hospitality industry relies heavily on cleanliness and a good reputation. Unfortunately, hotels’ constant stream of guests, a ready supply of food, and an abundance of warm nesting spots often turn them into victims of invasive pests. Ensure that your Brooklyn, NY, hotel or bed and breakfast remains pest free with commercial pest control services.

Why Commercial Pest Control Is Important

While a fully booked hotel is the goal, the more traffic your establishment receives, the higher the chances that pests will be brought onto the premises. The era of social media does not allow for patience and understanding: Thousands of potential customers can get wind of your pest problem, no matter how small or rare, as a pest sighting can lead to instant dissemination of complaints and bad reviews. From roaches and bed bugs to rats and mice, reports of an infestation can result in low occupancy rates and even closures.

Do-it-yourself pesticides and rodent traps are unreliable and only work on a very small scale—they certainly cannot effectively treat an entire hospitality establishment. These methods are also often visible to guests and can result in the same bad reviews as seeing the pests themselves. No visitors want to stay somewhere that even hints at a pest problem.

Pest infestations spread rapidly ,and if they’re not stopped in a timely manner, they can become overwhelming. A professional pest control service is equipped to handle infestations of all sizes and can eradicate your problem—and keep an eye on making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Professional Pest Control Experts Can Help

All Biotech Termite & Pest Control technicians are trained and licensed, ensuring they have the knowledge required to solve your establishment’s pest problem. Training enables our technicians to accurately predict insect and rodent behaviors and, in turn, provide quicker exterminations.

A commercial pest control company also has access to a wide array of pest prevention methods including both chemical and mechanical systems. Having the right tools for the job means a higher success rate for eradicating all types of infestations.

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Keep Pests Out

Pests can access a building in a number of ways. Cracks around doors and windows, exterior vents, gaps around pipes, and even delivery vehicles can provide access to bugs and rodents. Exclusion services create barriers to protects these access points and prevent infestations from happening.

K9 Inspections

Bed bugs are very small and like to hide during the day. As a result, they are hard to find by humans. Bed bug detection dogs have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and can do the bed bug detection work that humans cannot. They are also able to track bed bugs in all forms including eggs as well as nymphs and adults. By using trained detection dogs, we can locate exactly where bed bugs are hidden instead of spraying the entire building and hoping for the best. Our method reduces the amount of chemicals required and is better for the environment.

Why Biotech Termite & Commercial Pest Control

Biotech offers a 24-hour call center because we know pests are often discovered at night. No matter when you notice the problem, we will find the safest and most effective way to treat the issue.