Which Methods Does an Exterminator Use to Eliminate Bees and Wasps in New Jersey?

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You may be wondering how an exterminator would go about ridding a property of bees and wasps in New Jersey. The fact is bees are critical to the ecosystem—for pollination of plants, for honey production, for beeswax. They also pollinate the clover and other green plants that livestock eat. But they’re generally not welcome indoors, especially for homeowners who are allergic to their sting. The removal of bees and wasps requires special tools and safe strategies by an experienced exterminator.

Bee Removal

The first step in removal is to identify the type of bee, as each has a specific removal process.

  • Bumblebees: Bumblebees are black and yellow and live in a group.

  • Honey bees: Light brown and oval shaped, honey bees live in colonies and produce sweet honey.

  • Carpenter bees: These pests drill holes in wood to raise their offspring.

Bees are active during the spring as the plants begin to bloom, and continue to buzz around until fall when their activity slows.

To remove bees, an exterminator may do the following:

  1. Conduct a thorough evaluation and inspection of your home, including the attic and chimney where bees often make their nests.

  2. Seal any holes, cracks, or previous nesting areas to prevent future bees from making future homes for themselves.

  3. Treat the bees’ nest to kill the existing bees and prevent any future infestation.

Some exterminators wear special suits with bee veils to protect themselves as they remove the insects. Long ladders and bee poles may be used to reach nests that are near the roof and chimney of your home. They are trained and licensed to remove the threat of bees from your property in a safe and effective manner.

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Wasp Removal

Wasps, unlike bees, can sting again and again. They often nest in places you use frequently such as under the deck or the eaves of your roof. You can find them near playground equipment, grills, and garages, which present special problems to the humans who come in contact with them. Wasps typically defend their nests violently, and if threatened, they may attack in large numbers.

Once the specific wasp type has been identified, the exterminator will recommend a removal and prevention treatment. If the nest is in the ground, it could be treated with a powder or foam insecticide. To remove wasps nests from the eaves and attic, the exterminators may don protective suiting and use specialized removal equipment. They will also seal any existing holes that house nests so that the wasps cannot return.

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