6 Signs You Need Termite Extermination at Your Nassau County NY Residence

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Chances are, if you have the suspicion that you may have a termite problem, you likely do! In fact, some reports state that 1 in 5 New York homes are infested, and the homeowners are not even aware of it. Eastern Subterranean Termites are the most prevalent in New York, and they can do a significant amount of damage. The key to preventing termites from consuming too much of your investment and sanity is to regularly inspect your property. But to do this, you need to know what you are looking for. This will allow you to tackle the issue before it gets out of control. Read below for signs that show you may need termite extermination at your Nassau County NY residence.

1. Does it look like water damage?

If you notice what looks like blistering or swollen wood, buckling floors, peeling paint, or discolored drywall that is beginning to sag, then you may be looking at the work of termites. As termites feed, they secrete a substance that causes wood to warp. And when termites tunnel and nest, they cause buckling wood and peeling paint. Termites will begin to move their way around the walls and floors of your home at a somewhat rapid pace. When they do, the damage they leave behind can resemble damage caused by water.

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2. Is it difficult to open your windows?

Windows that are stubborn to open or are seemingly off track can oftentimes mean the presence of termites. Termites are prone to areas such as window and door frames. As they feed, they can compromise the structural integrity of the house, causing windows and doors to open and shut poorly. Keep an eye out for mud tubes, as termites will often use these to move from one food source to another above ground. This is because they are susceptible to dehydration and prefer moist areas.

3. Do your floors move or make noise when you walk?

If you notice that tiles are popping loose or your wood floors are squeaking as you move about, there is a chance that termites are to blame. This typically means that you have a weakened subfloor. Subfloors are a haven for termites. As termites consume the subfloor wood, baseboards and joists, the top floor begins to shift and move.

4. Is it difficult to locate a stud?

As you’re tapping around trying to locate the perfect place to hang your TV, you might notice that the supports sound hollow. It may be because termites have tunneled threw them. As termites tunnel and nest, they create patterns in wood. The patterns resemble grooves or mazes. These hollowed out areas will lead to structural damage after some time.

5. Have you seen scales on your window sills or at doorways around your home?

If you are seeing what looks like fish scales or little clear objects at the entrance and exit points of your home, you may be seeing the remnants of swarming termites. Termites will remove their own wings as they land. They do this as they fly out of their nest and land to begin a new colony. This is why it is common to see them at and around windows and doors.

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6. Does your house have an unusually moldy or musty smell?

If you find yourself spraying extra air fresheners or needing to air out the house more often than usual, it is possible that termites are the culprits. As termites feed, secrete, nest, and reproduce, they omit an odor that is very similar to mold or mildew.