Why we use steam as a bed bug exterminator in NYC

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The war on bed bugs hasn’t been easy, but exterminators aren’t giving up. Because bedbugs are easily transported, can thrive in densely populated areas of high activity, and are able to hide far beneath surfaces, they are increasingly difficult to eradicate in the city. Even more so, they are beginning to develop resistance to some of the common chemical compounds approved for use. Thankfully, the use of steam has proven to be a successful treatment method, and it offers a viable alternative to the use of chemicals. Whether alone or in combination with other treatment methods, the effectiveness of steam is why we use it to exterminate bed bugs in NYC.

Why the Need for Additional Treatment Options?

Bed bugs are going to thrive in environments with large, diverse populations of people. As we can already see, they adapt and evolve to suit the environment around them, making them dangerous pests. Each female can produce an average of an egg a day, and since they are virtually flat and the size of a piece of rice, they can nest anywhere. This means that there are typically all stages of the bed bug’s life cycles occurring at once. As we travel about, we are likely to come into contact with them and then possibly carry them with us. Conservative methods as well as most chemical compounds are not effective in treating all stages of the bed bug’s life cycle. In fact, the eggs oftentimes are left alive – leaving the problem unsolved. Additionally, bed bugs are becoming resistant to many of the chemical compounds available for use, creating an urgency for other treatment options.  


Steam can reach bed bugs who are nestled nearly 3 inches into a wall opening and also into fabrics. Steam can kill not only adult bed bugs but also eggs, providing an alternative option to using harmful chemicals that may not even target the bed bug population as a whole. What’s more, steam takes approximately 30 seconds of contact with a bed bug before they meet their demise. It is a quick and extremely effective way to target these pests.

Down Time

Down time is another consideration when it comes to treating for bed bugs. Depending on the chemical compounds utilized by the exterminator, you can still expect on average to be out of the house from two to four hours after treatment to give the chemicals a chance to penetrate and settle. Furthermore, upon re-entry it will be necessary to air out the house for some time. Steam does not present this problem, as it is another form of hot water. So, there is no pesticide to worry about. You can re-enter rather quickly, if not immediately.

Environmentally Friendly & Household Approved

Although there are eco-friendly treatment options available, using steam is a fool-proof way to eradicate bed bugs. There are no harmful chemical compounds being disbursed, and you can have the peace of mind knowing your loved ones are protected. Also, typically at the forefront of property owners’ worries is the chemical treatment’s impact on household furnishings, clothes, kitchen items, and other personal belongings. When steam is used properly, you should have no fear about the condition of your home, property, and personal belongings upon the completion of a treatment. There is no chemical residue left lingering, and there is nothing other than hot steam that has come into contact with your items.