3 Fundamentals of Flea Control in NYC

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One of the big problems with fleas can be that you don’t know they are there in your NYC home until the situation is out of hand. Understanding the fundamentals of flea control can help you keep the fleas in check.

What are Fleas?

Tiny bugs that only grow as large as the tip of a pen, fleas move from place to place by jumping. They have hard shells covering their backs which can make it difficult to kill them and they multiply very quickly. 

A flea bite can look like a small, red welt that is very itchy and irritating. Most commonly found around the ankles and lower legs, bites can quickly become infected if they are repeatedly scratched. The flea bites themselves do not necessarily carry an risk of bacteria but when you scratch at the bites, this can allow bacteria to enter which can lead to a more serious infection. 

Fundamentals of Flea Control

Assess your pet: Very often fleas enter your home through your pet. Pets are a favorite host for fleas as it is easy for them to hop onto the pets as they go outside for walks and to use the bathroom. Because this pest is so small, it can be difficult to inspect your pet for fleas until it is too late and they have taken up residence. 

Protect your home and pets with an approved flea medication through your veterinarian as a first preventative.

Assess your property: A qualified exterminator can treat your grass and foundation of your home for fleas and other pests that can cause problems within your home, too. Keeping your landscape clear of debris, toys that are piled up, and other items can help to keep pests at bay. 

Assess your house: If there are wet places around the foundation of your home, this can be a breeding ground for fleas and other pests. Seal any cracks that you find with caulking or another waterproof material. Many times the gutters can need to be cleaned out to prevent the run-off that brings the water to settle by the foundation. 


Let a Pest Expert Help

A trusted NYC pest control expert can help in a variety of ways to remedy the flea problem in your home. 

24 Hour Call Center: A reliable NYC pest control service should have a 24 hour call center because they know that pest problems do not only occur during the daytime hours.

People Safe Approach: Your pest service should approach the pest treatment with the safest methods for you and your pets and then work on preventing the pests from returning through regular maintenance. 

Licensed and Trained: Accept only licensed and trained technicians for treatment of the fleas in your NYC home. In this way you are protecting yourself and your home with a 100% guarantee of exceptional business practices. 

Immediate Help: When you have a flea problem, you want help that arrives quickly and with iron-clad solutions. 

A trusted pest control specialist has the products, approaches and equipment that can bring an end to your NYC flea problems. Trust them to resolve all of your pest problems so that you once again have a safe, healthy home. 

When you know that bugs don’t stand a chance against their pest control methods, you can be assured that your home will be flea free.